These '80s Trends Need To Be Revived ASAP

Older Millennials like myself straddle the line between the '80s and '90s — while most of us were born in the '80s, we came of age in the '90s. So, sure, we love all this '90s nostalgia! But there are some '80s trends that deserve a comeback, too. Some of these we experienced firsthand, and others we watched our parents rock and picked up on. The bottom line is we know enough of the '80s to know the decade isn't getting credit where credit is due.

I was born in the early '80s, so I find that I related to many touchstones of the decade. I played with Cabbage Patch Dolls, I rocked Chucks, I had an oversized boom box. In some ways, I'm almost more nostalgic about the '80s than I am about the '90s, because the '80s represent that magic time in my life when there was no drama. And I think we all know drama-free is the way to be. I look back now on those years with rose-colored glasses for good reason — they hold some of my happiest formative memories.

Since our culture has essentially tapped out the '90s as far as reviving fads go, let's turn our sights now to the '80s. Here are some of the trends that should definitely make a comeback.

1. Alf

What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Or we could just opt for a sarcastic, cat-eating alien instead. That works, too.

2. Jellies

Although jellies are sold today and they have seen resurgences at random over the years, they've never really taken off again like they did in the '80s.

3. Pizzarias

Why anyone would discontinue such a delicious treat is beyond me, and yet here we are. Long gone are the days when we could arrange these zesty chips into a pizza-shape before devouring them in wild, red-powdered abandon.

4. He-Man and She-Ra

We may not have really grasped the fact that these two were brother and sister back then (we just thought they looked like a cool couple), but either way they were fierce AF. Why hasn't anyone jumped on a remake of these '80s icons yet?

5. Stirrup Pants

Personally, I don't understand why stirrup pants got such a bad rap. If they were more readily available, I'd have them in every color so I could avoid the annoying way my pants legs creep up when I wear boots. Stirrup pants = problem solved.

6. Reebok Freestyle

Judge all you want. '80s kids know that these OG high-top Reebok sneakers will forever be cool (and comfy, no less).

7. Giggles

Nabisco should do us all a solid and bring these delightful cookies back — for goodness sake, you guys, they had two different types of cream in each cookie!

8. Book It!

Oh, what a glorious day it was when you hit your book quota and got to go to Pizza Hut. We need this for adults, like, yesterday.

9. Punky Brewster

Little girls need an age-appropriate girl with spirit to look up to. We had Punky in the '80s, and look how well we turned out. I mean, obviously.

10. Garbage Pail Kids

Were Garbage Pail Kids gross? Yes. Were they also awesome and impossible not to want to collect? You betcha.

11. Hands Across America

It was the ultimate show of solidarity — 5 million people linked hands to make a human chain across the country. Now, more than ever, we need this. Plus, it helped raise money for charity!

12. Tetherball

This popular '80s recess game would probably work wonders for stress relief. Someone get on making this sport popular again, STAT.

13. Video Arcades

In the '80s, video arcades were the place to hang out and blow your allowance. Nowadays, they are relegated to tiny corners of larger spaces, like the mall. Let's give 'em the respect they deserve and put one back on every corner, eh?

14. Weepuls

Aw, who didn't love Weepuls? These fuzzy little guys were so gosh darn soft and adorable, you couldn't help but love them.

15. Fanny Packs

Can we just all agree that these were incredibly practical and go back to using them? I have a gold sequined one laying in wait.

Images: Universal Pictures; Giphy (8)