Kids Are Writing Hilary Clinton Thank You Notes At Her Campaign Headquarters & They Will Melt Your Heart

Break out the tissues for a touching moment in a difficult time: Kids are writing thank you notes to Hillary Clinton in chalk on the sidewalk outside of her former campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Using brightly colored chalk to write messages and draw pictures, kids are showing the Democratic candidate support and love for everything she's done, even after the election is over. We could all take a leaf out of their book — and for that reason, it's all the more comforting to see them in action: These kids are our future, after all. And if this is what our future generations are doing, then maybe things won't be quite as bad as they currently seem.

If you've been mourning Clinton's loss the past week, you probably have already heard about the other awesome ways people are thanking her for her service. Some people are mailing thank you cards to Clinton, for example, as a way of telling her how much her campaign and service have meant to us as individuals. Plenty of people are posting about her on social media, openly discussing her positive influence on them as a person. Others are donating to organizations Clinton supports, such as Planned Parenthood, in her honor.

We're all finding our own ways to heal from and process the results of the 2016 presidential election, and the children among us are not exempt. While we often talk about politics just in terms of how it impacts us as adults, kids are totally part of the election process, too. They feel disappointed when their preferred candidate loses — and often, they're the ones who will be the most impacted by the results. It's easy to underestimate kids, but when it comes to these thank you notes for Hillary Clinton, prepare to be blown away — and maybe shed a couple of tears, too.

Most of the images shared on social media show writing that displays the words, "LOVE TRUMPS HATE," or "STRONGER TOGETHER." There are also plenty of hearts, smiley faces, and kids who simply wrote out Hillary's name in bubble letters. Somehow, the sloppy writing and spelling errors only makes these messages even more heart warming.

Kids are also writing #ImWithHer, in reference to a popular campaign-related hashtag, and "BLACK LIVES MATTER," reminding us that kids are wise beyond their years and take in more of the world around them than we might want to think.

Thanks to these sweet and passionate children, the sidewalk at 300 Camden Plaza West, the home of Clinton's former campaign headquarters, is covered with messages thanking Clinton and reminding her that she is loved and valued.

While many of us are still mourning Clinton election loss, these kids serve as an amazing reminder that the future is bright, and even the youngest people among us have their hearts in the right place and ready to work toward a better world.

Stay strong and stay hopeful, everybody!