Kid Flash's Powers In DC Comics Suggest Wally Is A Force To Be Reckoned With On 'The Flash'

Things are speeding up this season on The Flash. At the start of Season 3, Barry went back in time to save his parents and in the process created Flashpoint, an alternate universe that has had many consequences on the world of The Flash. These consequences include different character dynamics, some never before seen faces, and new powers for old friends. The Rival already made an appearance, so it was only a matter of time before Kid Flash came to The Flash in a more permanent way. In Flashpoint, Wally West was the young speedster superhero, but when Barry returned to his timeline, Wally was back to being just a smart teenager who dreamt of having abilities. Until the Nov. 15 episode, which gave Wally his Kid Flash powers back, though with some dire consequences.

With Wally's speed dreams and desire to be a superhero, and Alchemy running around giving people powers, this transformation was inevitable. Then, "Shade" saw Wally finally getting his powers, only to find that he was unable to control them while Alchemy tortured him. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, as new villain Savitar suspended him in some sort of speed cocoon. Even if Wally's current situation is worrisome, Kid Flash has officially entered the Flash world.

Many of Kid Flash's powers can be predicted using the DC Comics the character is based in. "Flashpoint" itself is a comic book storyline and much of the CW series' version of it was faithful to the source material. In the DC world, Kid Flash shares many of the same powers of the adult Flash, which include but are not limited to super speed, super reflex skills, the ability to heal quickly, the ability to time travel using speed, and aerokinesis (the manipulation of air). Of course, this doesn't mean that Wally will immediately gain all of these powers. A superhero's abilities develop with time and practice — even Barry is still getting used to some of his abilities.

When we did see Wally with some of these powers in the Flashpoint timeline, he was a confident speedster who created a yellow trail of light when he used super speed, as opposed to the red trail of The Flash. Kid Flash's costume also resembles that of The Flash, but with reverse coloring. These similarities suggest that on the CW series Kid Flash will still have similar, if not identical, powers to the Flash. Once he's rescued from Savitar, Wally has the potential to be a sort of Flash-in-training, and with new villains appearing in Central City everyday, the team could certainly use an extra hand.

Wally should have great heroic potential, as in the comics, Kid Flash forms the Teen Titans, takes over for the Flash when he dies, and becomes an iconic hero. But these achievements might not come so easy for Wally on The Flash. It is unclear if he is still Kid Flash, or even not critically injured. He has battled wanting powers more than anything else this season, and has proven to be reckless in his quest to get them.

Hopefully, Wally can be rescued, maintain his powers, and start becoming the Kid Flash that — thanks to comics and the Flashpoint timeline — we know he can be.

Images: Dean Buscher, Katie Yu (2)/CW