11 Cool Things You Can Buy Today With Your Favorite '90s Sayings On Them

The best slang ever are the catchphrases of the '90s. "Fleek" and "bae" and all the things we say now have nothing on "whatever" and "as if". There are so many '90s phrases we should bring back, and we need to all make the concerted effort of bringing back the best slang of the '90s. Believe it or not, it can be done in a very chic way too, with independent designers, probably '90s kids themselves and now all grown up with that hankering nostalgia, have a whole range of cute products you can buy with your favorite '90s quotes on them.

So get ready to combine your two favorite things: shopping and the '90s, because it's time to treat yourself. Of course, remember to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Definitely don't have a cow, man. And always remember you're all that and a bag of chips. From slang you said in your day-to-day conversation, to the quotes that were absorbed into common vernacular from pop culture, there's something for everyone here. Because as it turns out, we never need to let go of the '90s (yes that's meant to be a Titanic reference). Here are 11 cool things you can buy today with your favorite '90s sayings on them.

1. This Awesome "Whatever Forever" Pin So You'll Always Be Able To Wear Your Feelings

Clueless is forever. Whatever is forever. If you're going to get something with a '90s saying on it, "Whatever" is cannon. It's the ultimate '90s word.

Whatever Forever Pin, $7, SaraMLyons.myshopify.com

2. A "How You Doin'" Card To Not-So-Subtly Woo The Apple Of Your Eye

Joey made "How you doin?" the funniest pickup line of the '90s. No one really took it seriously of course, but we said it all the time for a laugh. Now you can give this card to someone you like and keep the sleaze of the '90s alive, but in a super cute way!

Joey Tribbiani Card, $3.50, Etsy.com

3. A Clever Poster People Will Have To Double Take On

I was too young to really get the joke but I ran around saying "These pretzels are making me thirsty!" all the time regardless. This Hitchcockian poster with the infamous Seinfeld quote is the perfect way to remember the thing you said that made no sense to you, but you loved it all the same.

These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty Poster, $18, Etsy.com

4. A Button With Uncle Jesse's Face On It

Have mercy. No seriously though. Please. Have mercy.

Full House Handmade 1-1/4 Inch Pinback Button, $1.50, Etsy.com

5. A Sassy Saying On A Totally '90s Throw Back Patch (You Remember Your '90s Patch-Riddled Jeans, Right?)

Where would we be without the '90s sassiness of the Ricki Lake Show?

Sew On Patch, $9, Etsy.com

6. A Clueless Inspired Pennant, Because Let's Face It, All The Best '90s Sayings Are From Clueless Anyway

Hanging a pennant is pretty '90s in and of itself. Get one with a cool '90s quote on it and you're making it rain 1998.

Rustic Pennant Wall Decor, $22.95, Etsy.com

7. A Sweater That Celebrates The X-Files

You could be predictable and get something with "The truth is out there" on it, but if you loved The X-Files you know the real take away is "Mulder, it's me", the words most spoken by Scully.

Mulder It's Me Sweatshirt, $23.95, Etsy.com

8. A Mug To Remind You Of The Best Era Of Music Ever

Where would we be without '90s hip hop and r&b? Nowhere, that's where. Pay '90s music the homage it deserves with a mug that celebrates the sweetest tunes ever written.

'90s Coffee Mug, $22, Etsy.com

9. A Tote That Let's You Carry Around Your Inner '90s Witch

Witches are cool again, so grab yourself a tote with the coolest witch ever, with the coolest witch quote of the '90s on it too.

The Craft Cotton Tote, $15.34, Etsy.com

10. A Totally Excellent Banner

If you never responded "Party time, excellent" when your parents said it was pizza night, you weren't doing the '90s right.

Party Time Excellent Banner Kit, $15, Etsy.com

11. An Awesome Girl Power T-Shirt, To Mix Your Current Priorities With The '90s

We're having a moment in time where we really need to fly our feminist flags. We can do that with '90s "girl power" (said in a Ginger Spice voice), and start with this cool tee.

Girl Power Shirt, $19.95, Etsy.com

Image: Paramount Pictures