What's In Bite Beauty's Amuse Bouche Lipstick Vault? The Set Of Shades Is Pretty Epic

Fans of lipstick, options, and mini things listen up, Bite Beauty has big news. Just in time for the holiday season, the good-for-you beauty brand released their latest mega-packed set today, so if you didn't spend all your money at this weekend's VIB sale, now is the time to act. While it kind of does feel like you can't go a day without reading to whip out your wallet, this makeup is sure to go fast — what's in Bite's Amuse Bouche lipstick vault might just convince you.

Featuring 38 deluxe mini shades, the Vault makes the most of Bite's Amuse Bouche line with shades spanning from crimson red, to MLBB nude, to hot magenta and moody black. Sharing a satin-finish formula, the lipsticks are packed with nutrients, vitamins, and omega oils, and are created via small batch, low-heat process (it's the Bite way).

And while you won't find out any of 2016's super out-there colors in the Vault, it has enough variation within the red, pink, nude, brown and orange families to make it perfect for someone who tends toward more natural hues, or also wants to wear every color to work. That being said, there are two blacks and an eggplant to keep things interesting, and layering them with any of the other lipstick shades will create a more dramatic hue.

The Bite Amuse Bouche lipstick vault is available exclusively online at Sephora for $195 dollars, and while pricy, the tag gets more reasonable when you think of the $325 dollar value.

It helps that it's pretty gorgeous to look at, and you could line them all up to look at when you're down.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Vault Collection, $195, Sephora.com

Or you could throw three of each color in all of your bags. Just in case. You never know when you could need three lipsticks. Really better to be on the safe side for this one.

Images: Via BiteBeauty/Instagram; Courtesy of Brand.