These Hogwarts House Mood Boards Are Feminist AF

If there is one thing book lovers can't get enough off on Tumblr, it's character mood boards. But never before has one been so painfully necessary as these feminist Harry Potter Hogwarts House mood boards, courtesy of SparkLife's Emily Brown. Each mood board takes into account the aesthetic of each House and its key colors, while also showcasing its greatest strengths. But it goes far beyond just the every day strengths we associate with each House, and focuses on the quiet differences of each of them — and how they manifest differently in every woman, should they be a Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor.

At the center of each of the mood boards is an illustration by Louise Reimer, who is also responsible for the badass feminist Hogwarts House posters earlier this year. No matter which House you belong to, though, you can appreciate the power that they all have, whether it stem from their kindness, their ambition, their intelligence, or their bravery. Right now we're going to need a strong dose of all four of those — so sit back and let Emily's posters remind you that everyone is capable of changing the world for the better, and no voice is too small to make a difference.


Like a pale cherry-colored dream, the Gryffindor mood board showcases the boldness, the curiosity, and the brazenness of the Gryffindor woman. She speaks up not just for herself, but for everyone around her; her icons are feminist heroines from her childhood novels, and the strong women she is lucky enough to know in her own life; she never stops asking questions and seeking the truth, no matter who tries to intimidate her.


The Hufflepuff mood board represents a kind of strength that is far too often taken for granted — the quiet, steady strength that stems first from empathy. Of all of the Houses, it is the Hufflepuffs who are best able to show that toughness and optimism can go hand-in-hand, and that we are always, always, always #StrongerTogether.

To see the rest of the Hogwarts House mood boards, see Emily's original post on SparkLife here. And in the meantime, if you are feeling powerless right now, here are some resources that will help you advocate for marginalized voices in the wake of Trump's election, tips for peaceful protesting, and helpful self-care ideas. Dumbledore's Army, still recruiting.

Images: Courtesy of SparkLife