'A Wrinkle In Time' Gets A Release Date

At long last, Disney news we've been waiting for! It's official, Ava Duvernay's adaption of A Wrinkle In Time will be released on April 6, 2018. The news was announced on Duvernay's Twitter Monday, November 14 when she posted her own version of the popular mannequin challenge. If you've been avoiding the internet you might not know that this challenge was started when a high school student, @pvrity___, shared a video of other students standing in place as the camera panned around them. Since then, everybody's been doing it — from Beyoncé to Hilary Clinton. Duvernay took it so seriously that she got her entire crew in on the game.

Duvernay's tweet reads: "Late entry! 102 crew members! 27 departments! Release date news!" and in a two minute video with a soaring score, she manages to seemingly show all 102 crew members and 27 departments working as if it were just a normal day of set — except they're all frozen of course. The camera showcases all the departments — zooming past grips carrying equipment, camera operators testing their machines, even one woman who's just reading a copy of A Wrinkle in Time right past Ava Duvernay and on to Storm Reid, who will play the lead role of Meg Murray. Reid holds a script for the movie with a handwritten message in a huge font that reads, "April 6, 2018."

So we've got some time to wait for this reiteration of Madeline L'engle's science-loving classic, but the wait definitely seems like it will be worth it.

The script was adapted by Frozen's Jennifer Lee and will feature other all-stars in the form of the cast: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling to name a few. If those names don't get you excited, just take a look at that crew — people of various ages, races, and genders are hard at work. It takes a lot of effort to manage that many people while creating a highly anticipated adaptation. These people have the story in their capable hands, and all we have to do is wait — which is often the toughest part.

Don't lose heart guys, there will be more promotional content soon enough!

Images: AVAETC/Twitter