Destiny's Child Reunites... Sort Of

by Allie Gemmill

As if it wasn't glorious enough that my favorite '90s band Destiny's Child has an official Instagram account, it would appear that the band is reigniting rumors of a reunion with new social media posts. Namely, the three magical members of Destiny's Child created their own Mannequin Challenge and it's probably the most beautiful thing to behold this week (and yes, I know it's only Monday). The Mannequin Challenge has been sweeping the nation of late, with folks across this great land essentially participating in the great tradition of tableaux vivants (living paintings). It seems that not only have Destiny's Child gotten their social media mojo back by joining the Instagram fray, but they're putting their own twist on the Mannequin Challenge with a too-short but super delightful video.

Posted to Kelly Rowland's personal Instagram, the video features Michelle Williams, Beyoncé, and Rowland all frozen as if they are at play. With Lauryn Hill's "Every Ghetto, Every City" playing in the background, Williams and Beyoncé are playing with a ball while Rowland is holding a foam bat. There is nothing but pure joy radiating from each of these women and yes, it's only making me all the more antsy for an actual Destiny's Child reunion to happen. When is it happening, ladies? I need Destiny's Child back in my life!

From the looks of Rowland's Instagram, the Mannequin Challenge video was posted at the same time as two other pictures from her son Titan's birthday party. One of the photos shows Titan playing with Beyoncé's mother, Tina Knowles. It's definitely not a stretch to say that Rowland, Williams, and Beyoncé were all amping up the birthday festivities by making their own Mannequin Challenge happen; the women have remained friends in their years following their break-up as Destiny's Child. There are no reports of any reunions, music, or otherwise. For now, we simply get to revel in their real-life shenanigans.

But doesn't it just make you feel incredibly nostalgic? Or am I the only one wishing this reunion would happen for real? C'mon ladies. Don't hold out on us. This Mannequin Challenge video has only re-confirmed that you are just as magical together as you are when you each fly solo.

Image: @kellyrowland / instagram