How To Take A Selfie, According To Kylie Jenner

If Kylie Jenner isn't busy Snapchat chronicling her life, she's probably over on her other favorite social media platform posting a selfie. While older sister Kim Kardashian West may be the selfie queen, Jenner's selfie game is fire. That's why Kylie Jenner's selfie tips are a must read for fans wanting to up their own selfie game. Plus, the video posted to Jenner's website features not just Jenner taking selfie but also includes fan favorite sister Khloe Kardashian trying to work her "angles" like Jenner.

While it's hard to call Jenner the queen of the selfie (considering that sister Kim Kardashian West has made headlines for her nude selfies and even published an entire book of the self-taken portraits), Jenner is definitely the princess. When she's not busy swatching Kylie Cosmetics products or posting images of her ad work with Puma, Jenner's Instagram is practically all selfies all the time, but at this point, it's probably safe to say that it's a Kardashian and Jenner tradition.

In a post to her website, though, Jenner reveals that there are secrets to her selfies, and from a sly comment for older sister Khloe Kardashian, it seems she takes a lot of test shots before nailing it.

What are Jenner's selfie secrets?

1. Sunset Lighting

It's not called the Golden Hour for nothing.

2. Know Your Angles

It's that chin tilt, clearly.

For more details on Jenner's selfie game and other ways to make your Instagram feed top notch, head over to Jenner's website.

Good luck with that selfie game.