Get A Load Of This Weird 'GoT'-Themed Commercial

Have you found yourself in an existential despair lately, staring at your computer screen and wondering what you can do to fix this broken world? Well, you can help save the planet by using a Sodastream — according to Game Of Thrones actor Hafthór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson in his new Game Of Thrones Sodastream commercial, released on Monday. The literal Strongest Man In The World, who is perhaps better known as Ser Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane, undead knight of the Kingsguard, has been a (heavily accented) spokesman for the fizzy water company since earlier this year — including a delightful April Fool's Day "Heavy Bubbles" spoof ad. The brand new spot starring Björnsson is guaranteed to be the most delightfully weird three minutes of anything you watch today, but it relays a powerful message about the environment.

This time around his GoT co-star Hannah Waddingham — aka Septa Unella, she of the clanging bell and the "shameful" catchphrase — appears alongside him. As the ad begins, an unsuspecting dude picks up a couple packs of bottled water in the grocery store — only for the Septa to start following him around the aisles, ringing her bell and chanting "Shame!" Soon, passersby are giving him death stares and, as he stumbles into the streets, he finds himself in the middle of a jeering mob just like Cersei during her Walk of Atonement.

That's when things take a turn for the bizarre (as if they hadn't already). The water-schlepper pushes his way through the crowd and suddenly finds himself in the middle of a medieval street that could literally be King's Landing. In fact, a few moments later, viewers learn that it literally is King's Landing — or at least the set of HBO's version of the fictional city, as the poor guy in question turns out to be a production assistant sent to fetch sparkling water for none other than Björnsson himself. Whoa. Things just got meta.

Björnsson then launches into a minute-long monologue about the important of protecting Mother Earth and everything about it is just delightfully strange. "Why are you stupid?" he begins, chastising the environmentally neglectful PA. "Mother Earth has given us so much," he continues. "The birds, the bees, the ocean, Matthew McConaughey, peanuts. Why would you destroy all these beautiful creations?" Why indeed?

Björnsson then strolls into the dungeons of the Red Keep to illustrate how to use a Sodastream alongside a cheerful prisoner named Steve. (Not quite being able to reach the straw to drink the refreshing fizzy water? The worst torture imaginable.)

The actor sums up the commercial's thesis statement — "F*ck plastic bottles." — and then the whole thing ends with a tag where Björnsson walks into a trailer to see Waddingham taking off her habit to reveal that — gasp! — she's a gorgeous woman! (Notice the Sodastream conveniently positioned on her dressing room table.)

Yep, the whole thing is exactly as odd as it seems. And to prove that I'm not just making the whole thing up, you can check out the commercial — titled "Shame Or Glory" — below:

I never thought I'd say this, but Gregor Clegane just made my day a little better. Thanks, Mr. Mountain!

Images: Shame or Glory/YouTube (5)