How To Get A Free Pair Of ADAY Leggings By Sharing Your Hopes & Dreams With The Brand

If you're a fan of trendy athleisure brands, chances are you've heard of ADAY, the brand with a pair of leggings that has a 2,000 person waitlist. But for 40 lucky people, the brand is offering the chance to win a pair of free ADAY leggings — no waitlist required.

If you're not familiar with the brand, ADAY launched in June 2015 with the hope of "reimagining everyday staples." In an interview with Bustle, co-founder Nina Faulhaber and brand director Alexis Cuddyre told us how the innovative brand came to be. "We reimagined [everyday staples] through the lens of technical fabrics and technical clothing and we believe by doing that, we can create a few capsule, seasonal pieces that are so versatile and so minimal that they fundamentally simplify life and wardrobes and contribute to a better future," they tell Bustle. "They’re all made from technical fabrics, but the design doesn’t look technical. I think that’s what we always wanted. We never wanted to create pieces for activity x and activity y — we wanted to create pieces that you can do many many things in."

Perhaps the brand's most popular product is their Throw & Roll Leggings and by September 2015, ADAY was regularly selling out of the leggings. "We had an inventory that we thought would last us and sold out in seven days," they tell Bustle. That's how the waitlist came to be. A year later, that waitlist continues to grow, and ADAY continues to sell out of the $125 leggings not long after they've restocked on the website.

From their cool zippered pockets to the seamless design, hidden pockets and moisture-wicking and UV protective fabric, the Throw & Roll Leggings were specifically designed to be the only pair of leggings you'll ever need. And the best part? They're so chic that you can wear them as normal pants — seriously.

So how exactly can you get your hands on a pair of these free leggings? It's all about sharing your dreams with the company. Here's what the ADAY website says about the challenge: "We have 40 pairs of waitlist-only Throw & Roll Leggings...but they’re not for sale. We want to be inspired by what you want to do in them + we’ll send a pair to the most inspirational dreamers."

So, let's see those leggings.

Leggings have never looked more chic. ADAY shared a bunch of fun images of them on its Instagram feed.

Love the combination of black and gray.

The look is sporty, but still elegant. ADAY will be giving away 40 pairs of these special Throw & Roll leggings, and it'll be accepting submissions for the contest from Nov. 11-21, with winners announced in late November.

So far, the submissions have been sweet, serious and everything in between. Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Jenna M.

2. Adriane

"I want to reappear. After spending the last 8 years as wife and mom, I've lost my identity as an individual. I want to perform spoken word. I want to get in the car and drive somewhere without my husband and kids. I want to finish my novel."

3. Kristin M.

To live on a farm in Colorado with a sustainable garden, a pack of rescue Golden Retrievers & the willingness to explore the mountains that surround me.

4. Amy B.

5. Marcia S.

To live in a world that isn't divided by race, class, age or politics. Just for people to see each other as equals getting by and helping each other. The real purpose of living.

It's such a fun concept, right? I love that the brand is trying to get to know its customers better (while also sharing its crazy popular leggings). If you want to enter, you can do it on the ADAY website until Nov. 21. Here's hoping that sharing your dreams also gets you a free pair of these gorgeous leggings.

Images: Courtesy of ADAY (3); ADAY/Pinterest (2)