Kathleen Lights Dropped More Nail Polish Deets

Now this is how to keep the rapt attention of makeup fans and nail polish fiends. Vlogger Kathleen Lights has been parsing out details about KL Polish, a collection that she tweeted is not a collab and which is cruelty-free. She created both a Twitter and Instagram handle for KL Polish, which appears to be her very own nail lacquer set, comprised of six shades. She revealed the first shade, Brick Sidewalk, which Mama Lights also wore. But she has been largely using the black and white filter to show off the bottles and hide the actual colors. She just shared the names of the six KL polishes, all the while continuing to obscure the colors of the five other lacquers. What are the names of the rest of the KL nail polishes, whose monikers seem to be pretty descriptive of what they will look like once Kathleen Lights removes the filter?

The names are cute, descriptive, and some are even food-related. There's Brick Sidewalk, a rusty red which has already been revealed. The dark shades are Gumption! and Broccoli and Chocolate. Um, that's not a culinary combo I'd try. But as a nail polish shade? Sure! The lighter hues are Zoey and Caramello. Then there is Snickerdoodle, which I cannot see in the bottle due to the angle.

Have a look at the squad.

There are six KL Polishes are in your future. The caption notes that the shade names are the first pieces of info to be released. The actual colors themselves, the pricing, and the shopping locations are TBD. That's OK. We'll wait for more deets.

Here's the sole color to be revealed. It's a beauty. The bottles have such clean and sleek lines.

This was the first sneak peek of the six polishes — it's an inverted and mirror image. But you can see the mix of dark and light.

Another black and white tease.

Being Kathleen Lights mom has its privileges, just like being Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods has its privileges. It means you get to test beauty products before they go on sale.

So, we know there are six polishes and one is a brownish red. We know they are cruelty-free and five-free. We know they are coming soon. We know their names. We know it's not a collab. Now let's see these colors, KL!

Images: KL Polish/Instagram (4)