Are Kathleen Lights' KL Polishes Cruelty Free? She Just Shared A New Shade & Details — PHOTO

OMG, the teases. They are so glossy and wonderful, yet they leave me wanting so much more. Kathleen Lights has been teasing KL Polish, which looks to be her very own nail lacquer collection. She shared an inverted mirror photo of six polishes, branded as "KL Polish" and with the actual colors obscured by a greyed out filter. She also tweeted that KL Polish is not a collabo. She has stopped short of officially confirming any more information, but she is giving us plenty of crumbs on which to feast. The beloved vlogger has now shared an Instagram photo of one of the actual colors and has revealed a key detail about the collection in the bio of the official KL Polish Instagram feed. Are the KL Polishes cruelty-free and what does one look like?

According to the Instagram bio, yes, the KL Polishes are cruelty-free. They are also five-free, meaning they are devoid of five nasty, harsh, and dangerous chemicals.

As for the first color that Kathleen Lights shared? It's a rusty, orange-y, and brownish red that's also perfectly autumnal. The caption states "Brick Sidewalk" and it seems as though that is the polish's name. It would certainly be appropriately descriptive.

Observe the first color photo of a KL Polish below. The Insta bio also states that more info is coming soon. Not. Soon. Enough.

Pretty, isn't it? And it looks totally inspired by Kathleen Lights' ginger-hued hair. This is the sort of color that demands that you do a matching mani and pedi.

Mama Lights got to test out Brick Sidewalk. Lucky her and you get to see the hue IRL.

Not a collab, yo!

Here is the previous tease, with the black and white color scheme and the inverted mirror layout. I cannot wait to see more.

Here is the screen grab of the bio, as well, pointing out the cruelty and five-free statuses of KL Polish.

More, please!

Images: KL Polish/Instagram (2)