How To Track Down BECCA's LE Rose Quartz Compact

Want to get your hands on BECCA's Rose Quartz Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder? Of course you do. But the pearly pink shade, housed in a gorgeous compact, is limited edition and not easy to nab. Once it's gone, it's gone. There is a way to get the BECCA Rose Quartz highlighter before it's gone for good and you will need to rely on social media and an assist from the BECCA team. Here's the intel on how to track one of these gorgeous pink highlighters down. It's actually really easy to at least try and find one. They are so elusive because they do it all, making them supremely coveted.

The BECCA Rose Quartz SSPPP is a Sephora-exclusive. It has only been available via Sephora. It's proving really hard to locate, so the brand has offered this suggestion.

Head over to Twitter and tweet to BECCA Cosmetics. Use #FindingBECCARoseQuartz as your hashtag, along with your zip code, in your tweet. Then the brand will help you find the nearest location that is stocking this much-desired and in-demand highlighter.

Below is the Instagram post showing off the insane beauty of Rose Quartz, which has peaks and valleys in the actual product pan.

First, let's marvel at how pretty that pink shade is. It's appropriate for all seasons, but it will look so pretty in winter, when you want a bit of a frosty and ethereal glow. Or you can use it to tone down your tan — real or salon-created — with softness.

I wouldn't delay in tweeting the hashtag and your zip code. BECCA noted that RQ is almost gone when it originally issued this tweet and that was almost one day ago. It may be totally gone now, but you should still try because you just never know.

You can enjoy a pretty pink glow on your face, neck, décolletage, shoulders, cupid's bow, wherevs! It's all about those rosy undertones.

Images: BECCA Cosmetics/Instagram (2)