Joan Rivers and Ray J Made a Sex Tape: Move over, Kim Kardashian

Some things can not be unseen. Now, stop your eye rolling. I am being completely and utterly serious. This is a disclaimer to shield your eyes and hide your young, because this video, even though it's a spoof, is something that will haunt you for years, no, decades to come. In an effort to be funny (we suppose), Joan Rivers and Ray J have a sex tape. That is, they teamed up to do a raunchy play on Ray J and Kim Kardashian's infamous sex tape. The parody video is well, ridiculous to say the least. The clip opens up to the raspy shrieks and whimpers of River's, as she sounds like she's being murdered rather than pleasured. While we're not immediately introduced to the person beneath the sheets writhing with the Fashion Police host, once Ray J peaks his head out of the covers, we admit, we let out a little chuckle. A little one.

Fortunately, the actual sex part of the tape is hardly anything at all, and the real shining moment of the spoof is in the comical post-coitus interview. With a face full of make up and her hair done to Kardashian perfection, Rivers sits happily next to an energized Ray J as they proclaim their affections for the other. Ray J explains that he and Rivers have the best sort of relationship because while they're eating dinner by 4:30 p.m., in bed by 6:30pm, and Rivers is fast asleep by 7:30 p.m., he has all the time in the world to go to the club. Alright, alright, that was pretty funny, too.

Despite our initial shock and horror, we respect those who can poke fun at themselves. It's nice to see that Ray J and Rivers aren't taking themselves too seriously and can enjoy a good old fashioned fake romp in the name of comedy. Especially Rivers, who has made some incredibly hurtful comments about everyone from Elsa Pataky to North West, lately. While we may have uttered a giggle or two during the "show," we can't help but wonder about how Kim K feels about the whole thing.

You can watch the faux sexcapades for yourself, below: