Hayes Grier Honors Vine With 6-Second Challenges

Oh, Vine, we hardly knew ye. Last month, when Twitter announced that it was shutting down Vine, the app that lets users make six-second videos for their followers, I was saddened. Sure, we have Snapchat and Instagram stories now, but Vine was the first major platform meant for sharing short-form video content on social media, and so many digital entertainers got their start by creating crazy Vine videos. Take, for instance, Hayes Grier. Along with his brother, Nash, 16-year-old Hayes Grier became one of the most popular Vine stars to emerge from the platform. Today, Hayes has a ton of other projects coming up — everything from a book called Hollywood Days With Hayes that you can already purchase to two separate series — and he sat down for a Facebook Live interview with Bustle TV Editor Samantha Rullo to talk about them and honor the service that made him famous by answering her questions in just six seconds.

This challenge made for some short but interesting answers. For example, how would Hayes describe his new show, Top Grier, in six seconds? “Crazy! A lot of crazy, weird adventures that no one would expect to happen.” The press release for Top Grier, which is currently available to stream on go90, says that “work [for Hayes] often looks like dirt bikes, jet skis and whatever other machines” he can get his hands on, so I can only imagine the hijinks that Hayes and his family (yep, all of his siblings and mother will make an appearance on the show) can get into.

The line of questioning in the Facebook Live video, which you can watch below, was pretty rapid-fire, and it was fun to get little snippets of what’s spinning through this content creator’s head. The first Vine performers that came to his mind in those few seconds? “Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Jack and Jack, Shawn Mendes, and Aaron Carpenter.” Hayes’ favorite things about New York? “How tall the buildings are, Central Park, and everyone in it.” About Los Angeles? “The beach, the girls, and all my friends are there."

Hayes also listed his favorite pizza toppings: “Pepperoni, sausage, and crushed red pepper.” (Same, to be honest.) Favorite current Dancing With The Stars pair? “I’m either picking Jana Kramer or Laurie Hernandez.” Favorite moment on his season of Dancing With The Stars. “The contemporary dance I did to the Shawn Mendes song — we got high scores.” Reality show he’d want to appear on now? “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Hayes is also set to embark on a 28-city national tour, and if you want to see Hayes in your city, all you have to do is go to HayesGrierTour.com and ask for it. “I really want to go to as many places as I can,” said Hayes. “We actually did a thing called 'Demand A Show' in your city … so we can see who wants us where. Demand where you want us to come.” Tickets will go on sale in early December, so if you want to see Hayes and his friends dance, answer audience questions, play games, and ride dirt bikes (among other things), check the website often for exact on-sale times.

Hayes may have a lot going on his career right now, but he still had a few words for the social media service that launched him into the spotlight. Of Vine, he said, “You’ll forever be remembered as one of the greatest apps ever created. So many creators and influencers on different platforms came from [you].”

Images: Lauren Betesh/Bustle, Bustle