What Are The Mannequin Challenge Rules? The Viral Meme Has A Few Vital Components

The #MannequinChallenge is one of those internet phenomenons that truly make me feel old and out of touch with The Youth. I just didn't get it. Like, what are The Mannequin Challenge rules? Why is it always set to that Rae Sremmurd song? How did so many people suddenly become professionally good at standing still? I don't think I have enough friends to do this anyway? What is the point?

But then I realized that maybe I needed to stop focusing so intently on "the point." The point, in this case, is the honestly incredible teamwork and creativity put forth by #mannequinchallenge participants. The point is that the world is falling apart and sometimes we need a distraction. The point is that hopping on the viral bandwagon is not inherently a bad thing. The point is that, no, I still don't have enough friends to do this but whatever haters I don't even care.

While tracking down the origin of internet trends can be daunting, the general consensus is that the #mannequinchallenge began with Twitter user @pvrity__, a student at Ed White High School in Jacksonville, Fla. On Oct. 26, she uploaded a video of her classmates in increasingly elaborate tableaus, accompanied by the song "Black Beatles" by rap duo Rae Sremmurd (comprised of brothers Khalif "Swae Lee" Brown and Aaquil "Slim Jxmmi" Brown).

While there are no clear, definite rules, a style guide has more or less been established. Think you can be America's Next Top Mannequin? Read up.

1. Choose A Situation. The Bigger, The Better.

Professional sports teams, arenas, classrooms - even the President and the First Lady have gotten involved. Personally, I like the situations that feel particularly life-like — like someone just hit the pause button on real life. Very spooky.

2. Set Your Scene.

Bonus points for choosing a pose that's seemingly impossible to hold for more than one second. But also, like, the thing is that you do have to hold it for more than one second. Choose wisely.

3. Do. Not. Move.

Like that's literally the entire point of it. So don't. Move. A muscle.

4. Film It. Make Sure It's All One Shot — No Cutting Away Allowed.

Someone needs to be the designated camera person. Don't cut the shot away; even if you didn't cheat, people will accuse you of it because, you know, internet era cynicism.

5. Set It To The Tune Of "Black Beatles" By Rae Sremmurd.

I don't really know why this is the #mannequinchallenge anthem. I'm sure there's a reason — I just don't... know it. Maybe it has something to do with the lyrics. Or... something.

6. Post It On Social Media With The Hashtag #MannequinChallege.

And get pulled down the rabbit hole of #mannequinchallenge videos.

Happy mannequinning!