How To Listen To The Mannequin Challenge Song

The Mannequin Challenge has yet to settle down. This viral trend took social media by storm earlier this month; heck, even the song featured in most Mannequin Challenge video has become famous in its own right, leaving everyone wondering how to listen to the Mannequin Challenge song. For the curious, the song in question is "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd, featuring Gucci Mane — and I have excellent news for you if you've continually had it stuck in your head recently: It's really, really easy to get a hold of.

The hip-hop duo released "Black Beatles" on Sept. 22, but the fairly new beat is now exceedingly familiar to the ear thanks to the Mannequin Challenge. Just eight days ago, it had around 40 million hits on YouTube. As of today, it's up to nearly 66 million. (Meanwhile, my make-up tutorial from a year ago has... zero hits.) It's one of those jams you'll listen to and think, "I don't know why I like this so much... but I do." With a smooth beat and probably catchy lyrics (I say "probably" because I can't understand most of them), it's no surprise that the students behind the original Mannequin Challenge picked it as their backdrop.

So, how can you listen to the Mannequin Challenge song? Here are a few suggestions.


YouTube is the obvious choice. You can listen to the song, watch the video, and practice your mannequinning, which is the scientific term that I just made up.


Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Listen to "Black Beatles" on Spotify — creating an account is easy, if you haven't already.

Buy The Song On iTunes

You can grab the individual song on iTunes for $1.29, or the whole album, SremmLife 2 (Deluxe), for $11.99.


You can find a bunch of Rae Sremmurd's songs on Tidal, but you have to have an account (which is paid) in order to listen to the full songs. Otherwise, playbacks are limited to 30 seconds.


"Black Beatles" is on SoundCloud. Learn more about their membership options!

Images: RaeSremmurdVEVO/YouTube; Giphy (3)