Cece Finally Finds Her Calling On 'New Girl' & It's Awesome To See Her Career Journey

I get it, I get it — New Girl is a show about Jess, the, you know, formerly new girl in the apartment. But the rest of the cast is so interesting that I love when we get the chance to see their journey separately from her. I love that we've gotten to see Cece, who once seemed to have it all figured out, try to discover who she is and what she wants to do with her life now that her modeling career is behind her, and now, it looks like the search is over. On Tuesday night's episode of New Girl , Cece finally finds the perfect job for her, and even though it happened as kind of an accident, it's making me really excited to see where this could take her.

It all started after Nick promoted her to bar manager after he decided he wanted to take time off to work on his book. She was good at the job and hired a fellow model, Donovan, to work as a bartender, hoping he'd bring more women in, but instead, he served as the catalyst for something much bigger. After Donovan brings Cece a contract to look over, she helped him negotiate better terms, and that's when it became clear. She should be doing this for a living, because the bar was never something she was especially passionate about.


However, she needed some help to figure it out. Nick kind of ambushed her by firing her from her manager job and bringing her a couple of aspiring male models who were looking for representation. Cece has been through a lot over the last few seasons, and I love that between her marriage to Schmidt, finding and fixing up her house, and now this new development, she seems to be getting her happy ending — at least, for now.

For so long, New Girl was focused on Jess feeling lost in her career until she landed the vice principal job she has now, but at the same time, Cece was lost, too. Managing models makes so much sense for her character that it's crazy it's taken this long for her to figure it out. This is new for her, but I have a feeling she'll be really successful, and I can't wait to see it all play out.

Images: Giphy, Ray Mickshaw/Fox