Return To Beacon Hills With This 'Teen Wolf' Recap

A lot has happened in the past five seasons of Teen Wolf. There have been werewolf bites, full moon adventures, dead supernatural creatures coming back to life, possessed teenagers dying and coming back to life, and teenagers actually dying for good. It's pretty much impossible to keep up with all the twists and turns that have happened on the MTV Series, especially as the supernatural world of the show has expanded over the years. So, before the show's sixth (and last!) season begins, here's a Teen Wolf Season 5B recap, just to refresh your memory.

Last season on Teen Wolf, Scott faced off against his old friend-turned-nemesis Theo, who made a deal with the Dread Doctors to turn himself into a werewolf. Scott's battle with Theo and the Dread Doctors started in Season 5A and carried over into Season 5B, with a new powerful villain coming into Beacon Hills for the second half of the season: The Beast. 5B was heavy on the mythology, as Scott, Stiles and Lydia worked tirelessly to uncover the identity of the Beast after he began killing people all over town. Brutal, enormous, and much more powerful than any werewolf, the Beast wasn't easy to take down. Here's everything you need to know about how Scott and his pack beat the Beast and how Teen Wolf Season 5B planted the seeds for Season 6.

The Beast of Gévaudan

Season 5B's big bad was the result of the Dread Doctor's experiments in Season 5A: The Beast. Destined to use supernatural creatures to create the Beast, the Dread Doctors had spent years trying to resurrect the seemingly invincible creature from ancient France. Bigger than a werewolf, and more powerful, at first the Beast could only come out at night, possessing a regular, human body during the day. Throughout the season, it possessed Mason, Liam's BFF, before it was forced out and took it's own human form, that of 18th Century Frenchman Sebastien Valet.

Kira & The Skinwalkers

Kira disappeared early in 5B when her mother took her to see the Skinwalkers, a group of supernatural women who had to learn to control their powers. Kira stays with them for a bit in an attempt to learn how to control the Kitsune inside of her, but returns to Beacon Hills to help get Scott's pack back together and break Lydia out of Eichen House to defeat the Beast. Unfortunately, at the end of the season, Kira decided she didn't want to risk letting the Kitsune control her, and she went back to the Skinwalkers. Despite early reports that she would be returning for Season 6, actress Arden Cho announced she would not be coming back to Teen Wolf , meaning Kira is likely gone for good. (I know, I'm still not over it either.)

The Banshee

Lydia started out Season 5B stuck in Eichen House, where she met a mysterious man (and a friend of the Dread Doctors) who helped her realize her Banshee power. By the end of the season, Lydia could use her scream as a targeted weapon, and her mother was brought into the realities of the supernatural world.

The Hellhound

Similar to Lydia, Jordan Parrish also learned to channel more of his supernatural abilities. As a Hellhound, he learned to control his fire power, as well as connect with his subconscious to figure out the role he played in the Dread Doctors' plans. He also proved crucial in the fight against the Beast.

The Argent Family

It turns out that the Beast actually had ties to the Argent family. After Sebastien turned into the Beast in the 1700s, he terrorized towns until he was finally defeated with the use of a steel blade containing Mountain Ash and Wolfsbane. It was his sister, Marie-Jeanne Valet, who killed him. She then went on to marry a man by the name of Argent, kickstarting the Argent family line that ended as we know it when Allison died. (Crystal Reed, who played Allison in the first half of the series returned to Teen Wolf to play her ancestor, Marie-Jeanne.)

When Scott finally faced off against the Beast, the Beast saw into his mind and had visions of Allison, who he mistook for his sister, giving Scott an advantage and allowing him to defeat the Beast once and for all.

The Return of Gerard

Gerard, Allison's grandfather, returned to Beacon Hills to help Scott & co. defeat The Beast. Of course, he had his own nefarious plans, which only helped to solidify Argent's alliance with Scott. So, if you're wondering, Scott now has a handful of adults on his side: Argent, Sheriff Stilinski, Mrs. Martin, his mother Melissa, and Parrish.

The Chimera

Theo and his fellow Chimeras were left scrambling after the Beast came to Beacon Hills. With Theo replaced as the Dread Doctors' best success story, he spiraled out of control, killed most of his Chimera pack so he could absorb their power, and ended up being dragged away by the Skinwalkers (supernatural women who walk the Earth and collect soul debts, essentially).

The Deaths

There were quite a few near-deaths in 5B, including Mason and Hayden — both chimeras who narrowly escaped death. Unfortunately, their fellow chimera Tracy was not so lucky. Theo killed her to absorb her Kanima powers. The Desert Wolf (aka Malia's mom) came back in the picture to steal Malia's powers. She was unsuccessful, but Malia did manage to take her coyote power away. It didn't kill her, but, for Teen Wolf, being a regular human is pretty close to death. Theo's fate is also unclear. He seemed to be dragged to hell by a Skinwalker, but who knows what that means for Season 6?

The Ending

Season 5B actually ended on a pretty high note, with Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Malia all back at Beacon Hills High School, ready to prepare for the conclusion of their senior year. While those four are single, nearly everyone else ended up in a relationship: Hayden and Liam paired off, as did Mason and Corey (the other chimera who made it out alive). But, it's not all roses and butterflies. The season ended teasing that the ancient Nazi werewolf being kept by the Dread Doctors had escaped! So, yeah, hold onto your hats, Teen Wolf Season 6 is going to be wild.

Images: MTV; stydiaislove, teenwolf (8)/Tumblr