Meet Twitter's Tiny Care Bot, Your New BFF/Mom

Between the changing seasons, approaching holidays, and, oh yeah, the catastrophic dumpster fire of the U.S. election, a lot of people are feeling unusually anxious and stressed right now. That’s why someone made a Twitter bot to remind people to practice self-care. The “tiny care bot” gives Twitter users gentle reminders to do simple, but important, actions like drinking water, walking, talking to friends, and getting the hell off the web.

For a lot of people right now (and, by that, I mean “me”), the internet and social media are endless sources of negativity. Everywhere you look, there are scary articles about the transition of power, stories of intolerance and violence, and many people’s (entirely justified) fears of how the next four years will impact them and their families. And though it’s import to stay informed and active — especially now — that constant stream of awfulness is also depressing and exhausting.

So in the midst of all this insanity, it’s lovely to see someone using the powers of social media for good. This week, Twitter user Jomny Sun (@jonnysun) created a Twitter bot that reminds people to take care of themselves. Every hour, the bot prompts followers to stay hydrated, seek support from friends, and look away from their feeds once in a while. It’s simple and affirming.

To receive the notifications yourself, you simply have to follow or mention the bot (@tinycarebot). So far, more than 25,000 people have signed up, and followers seem to be loving the bot’s kind reminders.

We could all use a little nurturing right now, and if a Twitter bot can help us to feel more cared for — and to practice more self-care — more power to it. Carry on, sweet little bot!

Images: Tony Lam Hoang/Unsplash