15 Knee High Boots For Big Calves

Plus size bodies are all built differently — and clothes and shoe shopping can definitely feel limited from time to time, especially in the plus size and wide fit sections. Finding knee high boots for wide calves, for instance, is an issue that plagues plenty of plus size women — in fact, it can be one of the hardest items to locate.

It can all get very frustrating after awhile, especially if you're the type that loathes trawling through online store after online store, or you simply don't have the time to dedicate to finding the perfect pair of knee high boots IRL. Whatever the reason, shopping for staple winter item like this shouldn't increase your stress levels: Whether you're looking for a sturdy boot to last you all winter, a fancy heeled one for partying in colder months, or a statement boot for your fatshion blog, this list has it all.

One more important thing to remember before you take a journey through a compilation of boots with serious slay potential: If you're a particularly discerning wide-calved woman and none of these shoes are to your taste, the sites they come from offer a wide array of wide fit shoes and boots to fulfill your wildest shoe desires.

1. Faux Suede Wedge Boots

Faux Suede Wedge Boot, $60, Torrid

A wedge boot is a great way to add extra height to your look without having to cope with a real heel on an icy street.

2. Velvet Lace Up Boots

Velvet Lace Up Boots, $89, Ashley Stewart

Also available in navy and wine colors — why not get all three and have the most fashionable legs this season?

3. Taupe Wrapped Boot

Taupe Wrapped Boot, $40, Rue21

A more sensible kind of shoe for those who still love light colors in darker months.

4. Quilted Boots

Quilted Boots, $57, Simplybe

With five different types of calf fittings available, SimplyBe are really trying to cater to every type of customer.

5. Suede Tassel Boots

Suede Tassel Boots, $39, Fashion to Figure

That tassel detailing keeps these boots pretty as well as practical.

6. Gold Paisley Boots

Gold Paisley Boots, $89, Ashley Stewart

Take any outfit from 0 to 100 real quick with these amazing gold detailed boots.

7. Suede Lace Up Boots

Suede Lace Up Boots, $28, Torrid

Lace up everything is so on trend right now, why not rock it from top to toe?

8. Scuba Back Boots

Scuba Back Boots, $60, Torrid

Be assured of your calves' comfort with the stretch back of these boots.

9. Cylinder Heel Boot

Cylinder Heel Boot, $140, Eloquii

Available in black and dark brown, this classic styled boot can stay in your wardrobe for years to come.

10. Crushed Velvet Boots

Crushed Velvet Boots, $79, Ashley Stewart

The most on trend shoes on this list, these boots combine velvet with a lucite heel for the statement shoe to end all statement shoes.

11. Brown Leather Boots

Brown Leather Boots, $107, SimplyBe

Another classic shoe that will last in your wardrobe for the longest time.

12. Buckled Sweater Boots

Buckled Sweater Boots, $35, Rue21

Keep those toes incredibly cozy in these comfortable sweater booots.

13. Camo Style Boots

Camo Style Boots, $89, Ashley Stewart

You've probably guessed by now that Ashley Stewart is the place to go if you want some wilder styles of shoe.

14. Lace Detail Boots

Lace Detail Boots, $60, Torrid

Find a more classic kind of twist on the lace up trend on these leather boots.

15. Ruched Suedette Boots

Ruched Suedette Boots, $69, YoursClothing

Don't worry about your boots falling down or wrinkling - these are meant to look like that.

No matter what your style or what your calf size, there's sure to have been a boot on this list that has appealed to you. Hopefully just this is just the beginning of your foray into longer footwear.

Images: Courtesy Brands