23 Plus Size Sweaters To Stay Cozy & Fashionable

by Gina Jones 2

There's positives and negatives about any season change: Putting away a whole half of your breezy summer wardrobe for the rest of the year is far from fun, but picking up cute new pieces for colder months kind of makes up for it. Finding the perfect plus size sweater for winter is a thrill every year — even better when you suddenly end up with five new sweaters because you couldn't pick a favorite — and that's before you even get started on ugly Christmas sweater shopping.

Sweaters have come a long from the itchy, mom-enforced cardigans of our youths: Knitwear is a fashion statement all on its own now and because of that, the range of sweaters available for straight and plus sizes has grown year on year. If, for some reason, you've become averse to a sweater for a winter look before, that may be chance to change after seeing what's available these days — simply put, the options are better than ever.

Sweaters can be chic, sweaters can be glittery, and sweaters can even go sans sleeves: Your sweater doesn't have to look anything like the frumpy one Lizzie McGuire wore on picture day. Get this knitwear on your Christmas list to rock the rest of the year or get ahead and prepare one killer and cozy look for those holiday pictures.

1. Fair Isle Sweater

Fair Isle Sweater (Available to 3x), $15,

It only makes sense to kick off this list with one of the most classic sweater patterns ever.

2. Wrap Sweater

Wrap Sweater (One Size), $22.14,

Because nowhere does it state that sweaters have to be bulky or shapeless.

3. Berry Heart Sweater

Berry Heart Sweater (Available to size 28), $55,

This low key heart motif is a cute touch for people who prefer subtlety.

4. Cat Face Sweater

Cat Face Sweater (Available to 6x), $41.17,

Because everybody loves cats, especially in cozy sweater form.

5. Sweater With Pocket

Sweater With Pockets (Available to size 24), $38,

Keep it classic and casual with this nude toned sweater.

6. Short Sleeve Sweater

Short Sleeve Sweater (Available to 2x), $6.80,

This sweater is perfect for layering and not getting too hot next to the fire.

7. Sheer Stripe Sweater

Sheer Stripe Sweater (Available to size 30), $24.49,

Because sometimes, you need a little ventilation.

8. Black, Gray And Cream Sweater

Black, Gray and Cream Sweater (Available to size 30), $27,

Get those monochrome vibes with this black tonal knitwear.

9. Foldover Collar Sweater

Foldover Collar Sweater (Available to 6x), $41.17,

You don't have to be totally covered up just because you're in a sweater.

10. Sparkle Asymmetrical Sweater

Sparkle Asymmetrical Sweater (Available to size 28), $55,

What's the holiday season without a little sparkle?

11. Cold Shoulder Ribbed Sweater

Cold Shoulder Ribbed Sweater (Available to size 24), $53,

Cold shoulder sweaters have been everywhere this season, so if you want to be on trend, you need one.

12. Contrast Stripe Sweater

Contrast Stripe Sweater (Available to 3x), $13.95,

Another monochrome look for those who just aren't a fan of color.

13. Cable Knit Sweater

Cable Knit Sweater (Available to 3x), $21.99,

Available in seven colors, one of these sweater shades are bound to appeal to you.

14. Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater

Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater (Available to 3x), $17.90,

Who doesn't want to look like they were a member of the beat generation?

15. Peter Pan Collar Sweater

Peter Pan Collar Sweater (Available to 6x), $36.67,

Between the Bambi motif and the Peter Pan collar, this is definitely the sweetest sweater on this list.

16. Sweater With Star Elbow Patches

Sweater With Star Elbow Patches (Available to size 28), $31,

A not so secret detail that makes this sweater ten times more interesting.

17. Ivory Patterned Sweater

Ivory Patterned Sweater (Available to size 28), $65,

Kind of like the Fair Isle pattern above, but a lot less intense.

18. Black And White Fluffy Sweater

Black And White Fluffy Sweater (Avaliable to size 28), $37,

Take coziness to a whole new level with this fuzzy sweater.

19. Diamante Stud Sweater

Diamante Stud Sweater (Available to size 34), $27,

Look exactly like the starry night on numerous Christmas cards you'll receive this year.

20. Polka Dot Sweater

Polka Dot Sweater (Available to 6x), $41.17,

A classic print that makes it super easy to plan outfits this winter.

21. Lace Up Sweater

Lace Up Sweater (Available to 3x), $22.90,

Because the lace up trend isn't going anywhere yet.

22. Cowl Neck Sweater

Cowl Neck Sweater (Available to 3x), $26.34,

A classic silhouette for anyone who isn't fond of high necklines.

23. Embellished Bow Sweater

Embellished Bow Sweater (Available to size 24), $46,

Your presence is a present: Be sure everyone knows that in this gilded sweater.

They're warm, they're stylish, and they'll have you looking absolutely huggable during the chillier months— in other words, with these sweaters, plus size shoppers can finally see what all the fuzz is about.

Images: Courtesy Brands