7 Beauty Vloggers With Body Modifications

While less uncommon now, tattoos and piercings were once very rare and taboo. Still today, many consider visible body art to be unprofessional or scary, and sometimes it can feel like it's the last thing it's associated with is the beauty industry. Thankfully, that mindset is changing with the growing visibility of beauty vloggers with body modifications.

Women and femmes in particular are for participating in "bod-mod" culture. Tattoos and piercings have often been hit with plenty of societal disapproval, either because they are considered "masculine" or because they are associated with a degenerate subversion of social norms. Simply put, tattoos and body modifications. were once generally thought of as being associated with alternative and punk subcultures — not something a "normal" person would ever do.

With the rise of social media, anyone can showcase their individual style, thus exposing the general populace to alternative forms of beauty. The growing popularity of makeup lines by heavily-modified artists like Kat Von D has only served to normalize a once "outrageous" form of expression. And it's not just tattoos, either: Dermal implants, stretched ears, or scarification can now be answered with ease through a simple Internet search. For the modified individual with a taste for beauty, these seven vloggers may be just the inspiration you need to get some unique — and seriously gorgeous — inspiration.

1. Princessmei

Mei is a self-described "ethical consumerist" based in Los Angeles who ties in her cultural background with her style selections. This channel is full of hair and makeup tutorials, fashion diaries, and vlogs. Featured above is one of her videos discussing her piercings.

2. Qcknd

If you're looking for someone with personal experience to talk to about a particular modification and killer Fall lipstick recommendations, Qcknd's channel is for you! You'll find her popular Tattoo Talk Tuesday series additive!

3. Chongaspice

Sophia's eyebrows will leave you speechless, but then so will everything else about her. She reviews beauty products and gives advice to other transwomen on navigating this cisnormative world.

4. NativeBeauty

Emmy's channel gives plenty of piercing advice, particularly when it comes to care and coverage. Be sure to check out some of her story time videos for a wild ride.

5. Stephanie Nicole

If you like break downs of what you're spending for the amount of product you're getting, detailed swatch comparisons of makeup brands, dupe lists, and so much more, Stephanie is your woman. Being that she works in the beauty manufacturing industry, her reviews are painstakingly detailed. You'll be sure to consult her channel before buying anything ever again.

6. Lyescka Diaz

Whether it's skin, hair, or you're just curious to see how someone with a face tattoo does their foundation, Lyescka's work is the one to check out. She does a few really fantastic makeover videos you'll replay over and over.

7. sokolum79

If you're into something a bit different you'll want to see Heather's channel. If you're looking for creative, dramatic looks, you'll find her Dark Pan tutorial fascinating or maybe her Antiquated Clown video is more your style. You'll never be at a loss for something new by Heather.

After visiting all of these channels I'd be hard-pressed to believe anyone thinks body modification isn't beautiful.

Image: princessmei/ YouTube