OK, This Mannequin Challenge Is The Best Yet

By now, you've watched them all, even the myriad videos of adorable toddlers struggling to stand still, but until you've seen the New York Public Library's mannequin challenge, you haven't seen what this challenge fad has to offer. Featuring references to movies filmed in the library's main building, and set in the recently renovated Rose Main Reading Room, the NYPL's mannequin challenge makes for fantastic weekend watching.

More quickly than the ice bucket challenge, bottle flipping, or even planking, the mannequin challenge has become ubiquitous in just the few short weeks it has been a thing. Pets are doing it, prison inmates are doing it, and even the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing it — in the White House! With greatest FLOTUS of all time Michelle Obama!

But those videos all pale in comparison to the NYPL's mannequin challenge. It has Ghostbusters, Carrie Bradshaw, and Holly Golightly — and those are just the references I spotted. I'm sure other eagle-eyed viewers will find more homages in the short video, but don't let searching for clues ruin your viewing experience.

Check out the NYPL's mannequin challenge below, and share your thoughts about this fun library video with me on Twitter!