Kourtney K's Trick For Eye Makeup That Really Pops

We can always count on the Kardashians to help us out with some sort of new makeup trick we haven't tried before, and Kourtney's latest tip is one we're all going to want to test out this holiday season. On Thursday, Kourtney Kardashian shared how she makes her eyes pop on her app. Kourtney is usually into more neutral makeup shades (on top of glowing, flawless skin), and her latest look is totally different than anything we've ever seen her try before. Her secret? Red eye makeup.

I know what you're thinking — red eyes?! It admittedly sounds a little lab rat chic (and definitely has the potential to go really wrong) but if applied in the correct, Kardashian-approved, way, it can actually look cool. Kourtney suggests layering a burgundy or red powder eyeshadow with a creamy metallic shade and blending them together. The lighter shade helps tone down the boldness of the red, but will still give your eyelid a little extra pizazz. Kourt paired her red-eyed look with a long sleeved black and gold dress, and she was seriously rocking an edgy, yet subtle, head-to-toe metallic vibe.

Kourtney offered up some product suggestions on her page , but here are five options under $15 for you to try out (maybe during your first holiday party of the season?) before you decide to commit to something pricier.

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eye Shadow Refill in Sangria, $12, Macys

2. NYX

Primal Colors Pressed Pigments Face Powder in Hot Red, $4, Ulta

Looking for something a bit brighter? This hot red shade will mix beautifully with a creamy copper.

3. E.L.F.

Long Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast, $3, All Cosmetics Wholesale

This gel eye color can double as a shadow and a liner, so you can mix with your red shade to give a metallic sheen and then apply with to your crease with an eyeliner brush for a little extra drama.

4. Ulta

Ulta Color Coat Cream Shadow in Bronzed, $8, Ulta

If you want your shadow to have more of a brown tint than a bright red one, blend the shadow with a creamy bronze to even the tones.

5. Tarte

Tarteist Metallic Shadow in Bright Copper, $14, Tarte Cosmetics

If you want to get Kourtney's look with one product instead of having to deal with blending two, try this Tarte metallic burgundy shadow. It may not give you the same creamy look (it's a powder, not a gel) but will give you the right shade of metallic red without having to dirty two brushes.

Images: Getty/KourtneyKardashian/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands