The Kylie Shop Is Coming

Kylie Jenner has had a big week, as in Kylie Jenner has had a massive week. On Wednesday, she announced the Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Edition Collection. On Thursday, fans got the Kylie Cosmetics KoKo Kollection restock. Now, the Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Shop is coming to life, and it's going to be the ultimate one stop shop for all things Kylie Cosmetics. If you want to shop at the Kylie Shop pop up venue, you'll need to be on the West Coast, though.

Jenner's cryptic announcement of the Kylie Shop came on Friday via a social media overload. In the span of only a few moments, there was an Instagram account and website for the pop-up shop. The mystery has been solved, though. According to a press release, The Kylie Shop is the first ever physical location for shopping Kylie Cosmetics, and it's set to take place at Westfield Topanga in the San Fernando Valley. If you're a West Coaster, you officially get your chance to shop Kylie Cosmetics in person, and considering the massive launch of new products the youngest Jenner gave fans on Wednesday, the sale is going to be quite a doozy.

The fact that products will be sold in person for the first time isn't the only great thing about the Kylie Shop. The location, in Canoga Park, California, is actually designed by Jenner herself. Part of the store is set to be modeled after Jenner's own bedroom for an even more Kylie-centric effect for fans.

Since Jenner did just announce her holiday collection, it makes sense that the new pop up store location would include a bit of holiday decor. The store is set to feature a huge Christmas tree rife with ornaments that are actually Kylie lip kits.

Fans are already stoked about the shop, and it doesn't even open until Dec. 9. Like pop up shops, the Kylie Shop won't be open forever. Instead, it will last until supplies run out, and based on Twitter reactions, that may not be very long.

She truly is going to take everyone's money.

If fans want to shop Kylie Cosmetics in person — and potentially other goods —, the Kylie Shop pop up will at the Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, California starting Dec. 9. Get really Kylie fans because the brick and mortar era of Kylie Cosmetics may just be coming.