Where To Buy Kate Bosworth's 'Heartbreaker' Jacket So You Can Nail The Embroidered Denim Trend Just Like Her

Fall has finally arrived (despite what the temperatures outside say), which means it's time to bust out your favorite cold weather basics. One of them? The denim jacket. And if you're asking me, the closet staple has really come back with a vengeance for 2016/2017. For this reason, you're going to want more options than just your basic blue denim version. Do yourself a favor a peek at Lucky Brand's Love Capsule Collection, which includes one insanely cute denim jacket that even Kate Bosworth is obsessed with.

Before we go into said jacket, you might be thinking to yourself — Lucky Brand? The last time I shopped there was in high school! Well, the denim brand, like the denim jacket, is back and better than ever. They're carrying the modern cuts of your jean dreams (think high-waisted, frayed ends, distressed slim cuts), and then some. Their latest collection, Love Capsule, celebrates the old and new, creating retro-inspired pieces with a modern edge. You'll find a lot of black washes, white embroideries, fringe accents, and yes — hearts on hearts on hearts. If you're worried you can't pull it off, think again —those hearts and embroidered patches soften it up a bit (in a cute badass way, though).

The Love Jacket, $129, Lucky Brand

If you're only going to shop one piece from the entire capsule collection, however, let it be the Love Jacket, which has the words "Heart Breaker" spelled out in white letters with a red embroidered broken heart.

The Love Jacket, $129, Lucky Brand

It's so freaking cute, right?

It's a softer denim jacket, so it's not stiff at all, allowing you to wear it from brunch to the bar with ease.

Red hearts too much? How about this studded version.

Reckless Tomboy Trucker, $139, Lucky Brand

Let's take a look at some of the jeans.

Bridgette Skinny, $129, Lucky Brand

I heart the hearts on the pockets.

The Love Jean Tomboy, $129, Lucky Brand

Not into skinnies? Consider this tomboy cut.

Sienna Slim Boyfriend, $139, Lucky Brand

How gorgeous is the embroidery detailing on this?

To see the rest of the pieces from the Love Capsule or shop other items from Lucky Brand, click here.

Images: Lucky Brand