The KL Polish Wands Make Application Easy

Ever since beauty vlogger KathleenLights hinted at the possibility of creating nail polishes, the Internet world has been freaking out. I mean, who could blame them, though? KathleenLights-created products have all been pretty freaking amazing. Now that we’re finding out more and more about her very own nail polish line, it’s time to get down to the fine details. Are the KL Polish wands wide? Prepare for flawless application!

After much teasing online, she’s finally revealed the colors of the six lacquers in the collection. Each one is currently available for pre-sale now, and they’re going quickly. Don’t worry, though, because even if you miss the pre-sale, these babies will be back again to shop on Dec. 5.

You’ve likely fallen in love with the different shades, so now find out a little bit more about what the application experience is like. After a Twitter user asked KathleenLights about the brushes, she responded letting them know that the wands are wider than average and have a rounded point. TBH, that sounds kind of perfect. You’ll get a lot of color payoff with just a couple of broad strokes with a wide brush, but since the end is rounded, you’ll be able to get your nail covered, right up to the nail bed without getting polish all over the skin.

This is great news, especially for someone like me, who's a little challenged in the "keep the polish only on the nail" department.

The beauty guru polled fans a while back asking how they preferred their wands.

Most people liked a thicker brush, so KathleenLights seems to be giving fans exactly what they asked for!

Plus, she's created colors that everyone will love.

Her favorite shade happens to be the mustard-colored Caramello.

I can definitely see why, too. This warm hue is perfect for fall!

Although, I'm personally in love with the brown Broccoli & Chocolate shade she's wearing in this photo.

Each one retails for $8.50, head on over to the KL Polish website to shop them before the official Dec. 5 launch!

Image: Courtesy KL Polish (1)