Drake's Wore Blue Sunnies To The 2016 VMAs

The King of the American Music Awards has arrived, people! With a record-breaking 13 nominations, Drake wore blue sunglasses to the 2016 AMAs. The rapper might have kept it casual, but his accessories took the outfit to the next level.

If there was one person who deserved to step out onto the stage dressed to impress, it's Drake. The rapper is nominated 13 times for the AMAs, which is the most in history for a single year. It even passes Michael Jackson, who has 11 at one time. His outfit definitely proved that he was there to celebrate too.

Although he skipped the red carpet portion of the event, he made up for it as he took the stage to accept his award for Favorite Album — Rap/Hip-Hop Album. He wore a a classic black and white suit with a button-up underneath. Of course, he had to leave a few undone to show us how cool he is. The blue-lens sunglasses were a nice touch as well. Just to clarify, the AMAs are indoors. I guess some people are just shine too bright to skip the sunnies.

Don't worry if you missed it though. Odds are he'll be up on stage accepting plenty more awards and showing off those shades.

You have to admit, the sunglasses are pretty darn cool.

So dapper.

I can't get enough!