22 Vegan Thanksgiving Memes

by Rachel Krantz

In our mostly-omnivorous society, it's kind of a strange time to be a vegan — but Thanksgiving has to be the strangest time of all. For some vegans, the many, many questions you're asked about your diet and moral code on the holiday can be tiring; for others, the holiday is a good reminder that we can feel thankful we don't need to eat animals or the product of their suffering in order to feel happy, bountiful, and grateful.

Personally, I enjoy Thanksgiving more now that I'm vegan; it's brought the holiday (which, granted, has some pretty problematic origins to begin with) into a new, more positive perspective. I invite the questions about my vegan diet, and view it as a real opportunity to start a dialogue with my friends and family about why I choose to eat the way I do, and about concepts of intersectional social justice in general.

But that's not to say it can't be frustrating, sad, and isolating for me to think about how many turkeys will be killed in service of a holiday that is supposedly all about gratitude. With that in mind, I think all of us vegans could use some memes to lighten the mood — and also help us vent some frustration and remember we're not the only ones who feel this way. I scoured the web, and here are my favorite vegan Thanksgiving memes I found.

The One That's Intersectional

The Most Interesting Meme In The World

The One That Flips The Logic

The One About What's Really Crazy

The One About The Children Being Our Future

The Classic

The Variation On The Classic

Oh Hell No

"When A Vegan Says 'I'll Bring The Turkey'"

The Ones That Speak The Turkeys' Truth

To quote another meme, it's true, tho.

The Video That's Blowing Up So Big It's Now A Meme

Watching it really doesn't get old.

The Humblebrag

The Dad Pun

The Historical Context

The Simple Choice

The Alec Baldwin Quote

The Moby Quote

The Alice Walker Quote

The Simplest, Saddest Truth

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember: when your family is giving you grief, you're not alone.

Images: Mercy For Animals; Twyla Francois; Vegan Street, moo.plant_protein_peirce, lenow94, forestfilth, drakemcdermott, airmaxjunkie, thespicyvegan/Instagram