Rory Travels A Lot In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Back when Gilmore Girls first premiered in 2000, Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel) was a precocious 16 year old who aspired to become a world-traveling journalist. Fast-forward to 2016 and Rory is a 32-year-old adult who is living like Jack Kerouac and "On the Road-ing" it, as Lorelai says in the trailer for the Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But wait, exactly where is Rory living in the Gilmore Girls revival? The answer is complicated and includes spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, so turn back now if you don't want to be spoiled.

In the episode "Winter," Rory gives up her Brooklyn apartment and has her boxes sent to various locations, where she crashes when she's around — her childhood home in Stars Hollow, Lane's house in Stars Hollow, Emily's house in Hartford, Paris' home in New York City, and London, where Logan lives. That's right — Logan and Rory are still very much in contact (and involved) with each other. She actually spends a good amount of time with him at his apartment in the United Kingdom, despite the fact that he's engaged to an heiress named Odette. There's also the fact that Rory lies to everyone — including Lorelai — when she's there and says that she stays with her friend Dee Dee while in London. As you may have already guessed, Dee Dee doesn't exist.

With Rory's boxes spread across states and countries, it takes the audience on a journey of reuniting the young Gilmore with all of her friends and family, along with fan favorite characters. "I think it's kind of exciting, you know?" Rory says in the episode "Winter." "No apartment, no rent, no ties. I could crash here, I could crash at Lane's. I feel like this is my time to be rootless and just see where life takes me and travel wherever there's a story to write."

And for awhile, Rory's story is in London, where she writes about an eccentric woman named Naomi Shropshire (played by Alex Kingston) — first, for a New Yorker "Talk of the Town" piece and then for a potential book. Rory's work and job situation isn't too clear at first, but soon viewers see that Rory's on-the-go lifestyle is less about chasing stories and more about being totally directionless in life. It's a situation that everyone can relate at some point.

Eventually, Rory's vagabond lifestyle takes its toll, her work opportunities don't go as planned, and she ends up right back in Stars Hollow to regroup by the end of the episode "Spring." And there's no shame in that — in the second trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival, Stars Hollow has a whole 30-Club filled with 30-somethings who moved back home.

I'm sure Rory will find her place once she's able to pick the path she wants to take in life — but it's good to know Stars Hollow will always be there for her.

Images: Saeed Adyani (3)/Netflix