This Perfect 'Oh, Hello' Joke Left 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom Speechless — VIDEO

If you haven't heard, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll have occupied Broadway — just not as themselves. Instead, they've done it as Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland, a curmudgeonly pair of roommates from the Upper West Side. Though the duo of comedy writers and actors are both in their '30s, they don a specific set of faux geriatric makeup to play older, wise-cracking characters. During a recent show of Oh, Hello , they welcomed a special guest on stage to partake in the tradition of eating tuna sandwiches on a checkered tablecloth table. This particular special guest was the creator and star of The CW's Golden Globe-winning show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Because who better to partake in the Broadway production — and get questioned by two wheezing, cantankerous septuagenarians — than theatre lover, Rachel Bloom?

Bloom's known for her work in Crazy-Ex Girlfriend, one of the latest gems to spawn from the CW network. It's quirky, off-beat, and definitely different. Hey, kind of like Gil and George. Kroll and Mulaney, on the other hand, are most known for their work in sketch based programs (Kroll Show, Saturday Night Live). Oh, Hello started on The Kroll Show with the simple prank of serving celebrity guests overstuffed tuna sandwiches. (It's why they often use the hashtag "#2MuchTuna" when discussing their stage production online. It's also probably why the aforementioned segment exists).

In the midst of giving Rachel Bloom something to eat, the pair asked about her life and restaurant habits in New York. "When you lived in New York where did you live?" Gil asks Bloom. She explains that she went to NYU, but after that "moved to Sunset Park Brooklyn." Gil then retorts, "What, like, very specific run-down ethnic restaurant did you pretend to like?" as the actress bursts out in giggles. The fact that a notable comedian and actress like Bloom was reduced to laughter from the joke just goes to show what great funnymen Kroll and Mulaney are in their own right. Oh, sorry. Gil and George.

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Then, Gil inquired where she grew up in Los Angeles. "I'm from a place in Manhattan Beach," the actress says. A woman in the audience yells something in the vein of "me too," and then Bloom starts asking about whether or not they went to the same school. Gil seems to get distracted by this, and spends the rest of the time talking to that woman instead. "She was part of the white bussing program" he says, as Bloom and the crowd crack up at the concept.

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Too bad the world will probably never see a Gil and George cameo on Crazy-Ex Girlfriend. Except now that Greg's gone, a spot for cranky men who's first name starts with "G" has certainly opened up.

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