Places To Volunteer For Thanksgiving 2016

With the recent and polarizing election still stinging for some, the typical holiday angst at navigating crowded airports and spending time with the relatives you sorta resent is at an all-time high. Perhaps, you never felt close with your family, or you'd rather give back. Regardless, either way, here are some places you can volunteer on Thanksgiving to help assuage the coming existential angst of a Trump presidency.

Before making my suggestions I will add that volunteering one day a year is not going to fix everything, so it's awesome to make Thanksgiving volunteering the kick-off for what will hopefully become a routine part of your life. Still, for those already looking to get involved with grassroots activism, the holidays can be a crucial time to dig in and do the work to become and create the more hopeful and loving world we so desperately need. There are countless organizations and kind souls who have been doing the work and creating community for decades, so luckily, there are a lot of options and ways to get involved this holiday season.

After all, if you don't have plans to day drink with a gaggle of close friends or argue with your estranged uncle, why not channel your angst into productive action? Even if you have a Friendsgiving planned, you can bring the whole crew out to do some good work and get involved with a cause for the long run.

Check Out VolunteerMatch

If you're looking to make volunteering a regular and sustainable part of your life routine, the website VolunteerMatch is a fabulous resource to link you to local volunteer efforts and non-profits that match up with your interests or strengths. No matter where you live or what you're passionate about, they're likely to have a match.

Volunteer For Feeding America

The organization Feeding America is a nationwide hunger-relief charity that runs food banks across the country, and advocates for federal policies that assist in hunger relief. You can become a monthly donor, as well as signing up to become a regular volunteer in your area.

Volunteer For The National Coalition For The Homeless

The National Coalition For the Homeless is a national network of people fighting systemic homelessness through advocacy campaigns and working to promote employment and education opportunities. There are many ways to get involved, you can donate, find a campaign near you, or sign up to volunteer. However, because of the trend of holiday volunteering, they request you only apply if you're ready for a year long commitment.

Become A PAWS Partner

If you want to get involved but know that interacting with more humans won't realistically be a blessing for you or anyone else involved, the Performing Animal Welfare Society is a great option! You can make a one time donation, or become a PAWS Partner and sponsor the safety of an endangered animal.

Obviously, these are just a few of many worthy organizations to volunteer or donate to on Thanksgiving that will leave you feeling even better than a tryptophan-induced nap.

Image: Bustle.