Berta Seems Very Familiar In The 'Gilmore' Revival

The wait is finally over — Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has dropped on Netflix on Friday. It's so good to have Lorelai, Rory, and the citizens of Stars Hollow back on TV. Of course, the revival series will feature some brand new characters in the world of everyone's favorite Gilmores, including matriarch Emily (played by Kelly Bishop), who now employs a woman named Berta. So who is Berta in the Gilmore Girls revival? You should stop reading now if you don't want spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Berta makes her debut as Emily's new maid during a Friday Night Dinner in the episode "Winter" and she's a bit mysterious. The newcomer does not speak English — and puzzles the Gilmores as to which language she does speak. Of course, this leads to some comical misunderstandings as Emily navigates life on her own after Richard's massive heart attack and death earlier in the year — somehow Berta, her husband Alejandro (who is Emily's handyman), and her children end up living with the elder Gilmore. In fact, a "Winter" flashback to Richard's funeral clues viewers in to how exactly that came to be and why Emily unexpectedly agreed to it. At the funeral, Berta speaks with Emily, who is not in the best place emotionally at the time, but Emily nods along with Berta anyway and simply says, "Sure."

But here's what Berta was saying in her native language during the scene, as revealed in subtitles:

"This is a big house and things go wrong all the time. But I could have my husband fix everything. And we could move in here with you, so you would not be so alone and we could take care of everything. You will like my husband. He is very tall and quiet."

Lucky for Emily, she agrees to a sweet offer which shows Berta is looking out for Emily's well-being after Richard's passing.

As for who plays Berta, that's a bit of a mystery. The actor in the role is not listed on IMDb or in the credits of the series. You may notice she has a bit of a resemblance in voice and appearance to Rose Abdoo, who plays Stars Hollow denizen Gypsy. Since it wouldn't be the first time a Gilmore Girls actor has played two difference characters, I have a feeling that's exactly what Abdoo is doing in the revival, though it hasn't been confirmed. UPDATE: Lauren Graham confirmed on Twitter that Abdoo does play Berta, and explained why the role was doubled up.

"Rose read it for fun in a table read because they hadn't cast it yet, and she was so hilarious they had to double her up!" she wrote on the social media platform.

Images: Netflix; Giphy