Here's When Kylie's Brush Set Goes On Sale

It's time to covet. Kylie Cosmetics launched the 2016 Holiday Edition Collection on Nov. 21, featuring new Lip Kit shades, fresh glosses a new makeup bag, creme shadows, and more. The limited edition range is currently sold out, but a restock is scheduled for Black Friday, Nov. 25. The five-piece brush set is one of the new Kylie Cosmetics products that fans such as myself are stoked about. It's the brand's first foray into makeup magic wands. In case you didn't notice, the brushes weren't available upon launch; perhaps Jenner and co. wanted to extend the excitement beyond the first shopping date? Who cares about the reasoning when we just want to get our manicured mitts on those tools, right? When is the Kylie Cosmetics brush set available to buy?

The brush set goes on sale for the first time on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28. The set, featuring five tools with fluffy white bristles and white handles stamped with Kylie's name, is $35.

These magic wands will be a welcome addition to any makeup bag or vanity. As someone who has purchased many Kylie Cosmetics products, from the Lip Kits to the Kylie Glosses to the Kyliner, I have full faith that the brush set will be of terrific quality.

The brushes cruise onto the Kylie Cosmetics sites, which is the brand's sole sales platform as of press time, in just a few days.

Since Cyber Monday marks the debut of the brush set, I expect them to move quickly aka sell out fast. Anything new conjures up even more shopping mania, so get with it!

You can use the brushes to apply the new jewel-toned, smoky KyShadow Palette. That is, if you are lucky enough to score either.

The Holiday Edition Collection is loaded with good stuff.

Kiss that ka$h goodbye on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. At least you get a cool, fluffy white stocking free with a Kylie Cosmetics purchase during Black Friday.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Kylie Jenner/Snapchat (1)