When Do Anastasia Beverly Hills' Pro Brushes Launch? You Won't Want To Miss This Deal

If you haven't already added this brand to your holiday shopping list, you're going to want to now. According to Teen Vogue, Anastasia Beverly Hills created 24 Pro Brushes, which makes this their first ever complete brush line. This isn't the first time they've added brushes to their site, but this time is bigger and better than ever. I'm talking everything from powder and foundation to shadow and liner. When can you buy ABH's Pro Brushes, you ask? These brushes will be here soon and excitement doesn't stop there, my friends.

ABH Pro Brushes hit the site on Black Friday, according to the brand's Instagram. They'll also be 25 percent off as a part of the sale.

New brushes and money off instantly? It honestly doesn't get much better than this. They weren't lying when they said that this Black Friday would be their biggest sale ever. There's no word on exactly how much each tool will cost yet. From looking at the company's posts on Instagram, it seems like these are all sold individually instead of in one big set. So you'll have to buy each one on their own, and make a brush collection of your own.

Like I said before, this isn't the first time that brushes have hit the site. The company currently has seven other options on their site. They're mainly brow tools though. This will be the first time that they come out will tools to create a full-face look.

This isn't the only Black Friday deal the company has either. On top of the new brushes that are 25 percent off, you'll also get 10 percent off all Glow Kits, 20 percent off all brow products, and 20 percent off their stick foundation. Basically, if ABH isn't on your holiday shopping list, it should be now.

Get those wallets ready, people! This is one shopping event that you won't want to miss.

Images; AnastasiaBeverlyHills/Instagram (1)