Watch This Badass Female Drummer Give An Inspirational Lesson — VIDEO

It can be hard to remember just how complex and amazing humans are, especially in a time of political and social unrest that brings out all of our baser, uglier sides. But then something simple yet profound comes along — like this Lifetime Fempire Moments video about drumming — and reminds you that there's a good side to all of us, too. In this video, Kiran Gandhi, Harvard alumna and drummer, shows us just how cool human ability really is when we allow ourselves to live up to our potential.

Case in point, Gandhi points out that the best thing about drumming isn't the drums at all. It's us. She explains that, "One of my favorite things about being a drummer — I think the coolest part — is that you have four limbs that are doing four different things indpendently." She then takes us step by step into demonstrating what each limb can do all at the same time, and it's nothing short of fascinating. She teaches us, slowly but surely.

"So, for example, imagine the base drum starts with a beat like this... And then, maybe try hard hats on the off beats... Then you kind of put a swing to it, maybe with a snare... Then, I usually use the right hand to solo and play whatever."

Taking multitasking to the next level, the drummer then goes on to play with all limbs in motion at once, delivering an awesome beat and equally as impressive performance.

We can do a lot of crummy things, sure, but we have the capacity to be so much better than that. Sometimes, all it takes is an impromptu, online drum lesson to acknowledge that.

Image: Lifetime