What Time Do ColourPop's Limited-Edition Packaging Mini Sets Launch? Here's The Exact Time To Shop

Another day, another ColourPop launch. I'm fully convinced that this company never sleeps. On top of their recently launched Holiday Collection, full-sized lippie sets and heir upcoming collab with Best Friends Animal Society, ColourPop created two new Ultra Satin Lip Mini Sets. What's so special about this mini set, you ask? There's one major detail that will make you want to add these sets to your makeup collection.

With so many new products coming out left and right, it can be hard to decide which launches to buy. Well, this is one you're definitely going to want to get your hands on. ColourPop put together Ultra Satin Lip Mini Sets that are perfect for anyone on your holiday shopping lists. The kits are, as you might have already guessed from the name, Ultra Satin formula only and have five different shades each.

ColourPop's Ultra Satin Lip Mini Sets launch on Nov. 23 at 1pm EST on the company's website.

The one big difference between this and the typical Colourpop set is that it's all limited-edition packaging. While all the shades might have been around before, you've never seen them quite like this before. I'm not just talking about the product packaging either. Every single tube is different as well.

On top of the gorgeous brightly colored box that they all come in, the tube is frosted. Normally, ColourPop has clear, plastic packaging. Whether you're a makeup collector or just a lover of pretty things, this set is perfect for you.

The first set is called On A Whim, according to Instagram. It features the shades Dopey, Toolips, Stud, Mess Around, and Dopey — all of which are super popular shades. The second set is called The Good Times, and the colors look absolutely gorgeous. Instead of keeping to neutrals, this set has brighter pinks and staple reds.

If these two mini sets aren't for you, then you could always opt for the full-size sets that are currently available online. Oh, and don't forget that ColourPop will be having a 20 percent off sale on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Basically, you should get those wallets ready now, because there's a whole lot to stock up on.

Images:ColourPopCosmetics/Instagram (1)