Digger Stiles' 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Appearance Reaffirms That He Wasn't The Right Choice For Lorelai

The Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix wasn't messing around when it came to reuniting almost all of the original cast members. SPOILERS for Episode 1 of the Netflix series ahead. Even Lorelai's ex-boyfriend Digger Stiles made an appearance in the Gilmore Girls revival. It was a brief, but awkward scene in which Jason "Digger" Stiles managed to do all of the following: Hit on Lorelai after her father's funeral, call her by an offensive teenage nickname, and reaffirm that Lorelai was right to kick him to the curb in favor of Luke in Season 4.

Digger makes his grand revival entrance at the reception following Richard Gilmore's funeral. It was somewhat odd that he was there at all since his storyline ended with Digger suing Richard after being cut out of their business partnership. The lawsuit was the catalyst for Digger and Lorelai's breakup, even though he tried to get her back by repeatedly ignoring her requests to leave during her test run at the Dragonfly Inn. All in all, Jason Stiles was not my favorite character, nor was he many fans' favorite. Although, his poor decisions did make way for Lorelai and Luke to finally get together, so I guess that's one good thing he's done.

In the revival, Digger tells Lorelai that he's staying a room's distance away from Emily at all times (smart), but wants Lorelai to know that she looks "like the hottest Italian widow" he's ever seen. OK, sure. He also asks her if she's happy, to which Lorelai replies, "Right now?" C'mon, dude, read the room.

But, Lorelai does eventually tell him she is happy, and it's worth noting that it's not with him that she's happy. The entire exchange just goes to show that while there may have been a small window of time when they worked, Jason and Lorelai were never meant to be.

Images: Warner Bros.; gilmoregirlsforever/Tumblr