Who Should Lorelai Gilmore End Up With In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? Here's What Fans Think, Based Off Of Fanfiction

Ever since the news of Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival broke, speculation on who Lorelai and Rory will end up with has been the talk of the town square. When it comes to Lorelai Gilmore, however, the path to love has always been, well, complicated. Lorelai wants love, but sadly in the past, that didn't always mean it came easily. Besides her on-again, off-again relationship with Rory's dad, Christopher, there was also a time she dated her daughter's Chilton teacher Max, and then her childhood friend, Jason — and who can forget her totally OTP-esque relationship with café owner Luke Danes? She's had no shortage of great loves, but they each weren't without their roadblocks. Between the true love she has for coffee, her inn, and Rory, Lorelai's relationships juggling her relationships have never really been an easy feat either — and not to mention, most have always gone from tragic to tumultuous to eek right away — it begs the question, will anyone be worthy of Lorelai's love?

With the revival series filming and news constantly being released, fans have only become more anxious to find out who the badass single mother will be dating in the coming episodes. So, I thought I should turn to the fans to see what they'd like to see. The way I did this? Of course, by visiting some fanfiction sites. With theories running rampant and hopes high, the fanfiction stories found on Fanfiction.net can tell us a lot about how fans are feeling about the show — and, specifically, who Lorelai should end up with. With numerous possibilities for her endgame, though, the best way to try and figure out exactly what fans want would be to look at the numbers: So, I took a look at the amount of stories in existence on fanfiction.net for Lorelai and each guy she could possibly end up with to see which guy has the most. The results may surprise you:

Kirk Gleason

It may not be a lot, but some fans are definitely pushing for a Lorelai and Kirk romance to take place. There are more than 20 stories written about the couple on the site. Dark horse OTP?

Jason "Digger" Stiles

Even though Jason is still not a popular choice, he has got a lot more stories than Kirk: a total of 38 to be exact.

Max Medina

With 77 stories, Max has certainly won over more hearts — but it seems that he is still not the one for Lorelai in the eyes of fans. But, just like in the fanfiction, we can all dream, right?

Christopher Hayden

Turns out, the relationship between Christopher and Lorelai is more beloved than the one between Max and Lorelai. Christopher earned 189 stories.

Luke Danes

With more than 2,000 story results for my Luke and Lorelai search, fans clearly believe that Lorelai is destined to be with diner owner Luke Danes. I wouldn't have it any other way.

If fanfiction could really predict the future and tell us who Lorelai ends up with, maybe it would put us all a bit more at ease. Until then, we can all just read fanfic and cry into our buckets of ice cream until the revival premieres. (No? Is that just me then?)

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