Why Didn't the Mother Get More Screen Time?

Though How I Met Your Mother was supposedly about meeting a mother, said mother sure wasn't in the show very much. We get it, you don't want to give everything away right off the bat, but once Cristin Milioti was in the picture, and fans really liked her, surely she could have appeared more often. We knew who she was a whole year ago, so the writers had this entire season to work her in. I'm not talking just an episode here or there, but they had time to give her a consistent appearance, especially as the wedding weekend wore on and was filled with primarily fluff episodes.

But at the very least, fans hoped they'd get to see a lot of her in Monday's finale episode. After all, this show revolved around how Ted met the Mother, that's a big moment deserving of a lot of air time, right? Wrong! In HIMYM world, the Mother, whose name we now know is Tracy, got relegated to just a few bite-sized clips in tonight's episode. And when you compare her total air time to that of the entire show's duration, she basically has less screen time than like, Blah Blah, or that girl Barney grinded on one time who turned out to be his cousin.

Even Ted's kids noticed this. At the conclusion of his (9-year-long) monologue, Ted's daughter says, "Mom was hardly in the story."

Ultimately there was a point to that, after all Ted doesn't end up with her and after telling the story realizes who he's in love with now, BUT does that really mean we didn't need to see more of the Mother before? If anything, it would have thrown us off the scent and would have been a neat signature HIMYM plot twist.

And well, I, like most of Twitter just thought Milioti nailed her role and wanted to see that a little more.

Although, it might have been a strategical move so we wouldn't be too sad about her death and would be able to accept Ted moving on with a new love. Okay, yeah, I'm going to go with that because having it be intentional that she's hardly in the show makes it a lot better than the writers just ignoring her because they didn't feel like working her in.

Image: CBS