Where Is Maeve's Daughter On 'Westworld'? Her Memories Could Risk Her Escape Plan

Despite being a theme park, it doesn't seem like anyone is having a great time in Westworld. And though there is a severe lack of amusement in the park, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone having a worse time than Maeve. After dying again and again to get a chance to meet her makers, she seems to be done with simply learning about the world she lives in and seeks to escape it. Despite her relentless hope to leave the park, Maeve's memories keep distracting her. One memory, in particular, continues to haunt her and the question of where Maeve's daughter is on Westworld could sidetrack her if she continues to agonize over the girl's fate.

Maeve may be a robot, but the flashbacks to the loss of her daughter show raw, real pain. As if the memory of that loss weren't difficult enough to deal with, the fact of the matter is, Maeve's daughter probably had her own memories wiped after Maeve was given a new role, meaning that she may not remember that storyline the way Maeve does. Since she already asked about the girl's whereabouts (before quickly changing her mind), it seems that Maeve's daughter could be the only thing stopping her from leaving Westworld, but where would she be?



The easiest place for Maeve's daughter to be is in Sweetwater, the central town that all of Westworld is built around. However, if Maeve's daughter was already in Sweetwater, they likely would've seen each other again by now. If she isn't there, any Delos employees who wants to stop Maeve would probably be smart to place her daughter within Sweetwater to trigger the memories that keep haunting Maeve and prevent her from leaving the park.



Westworld has provided peeks into what life is like for a host when it's not active in the park — and it would seem that it is non-existent. Maeve's daughter could be one of the many hosts that are decommissioned and kept in storage, much like Dolores' original father was at the beginning of the season.

The Homestead


The most likely scenario for where Maeve's daughter is happens to be the most obvious one. Maeve hasn't seen her daughter since the massacre at her homestead, and that could be exactly where her daughter remains. However, instead of being dead and buried like a human would be, Maeve's robotic daughter is likely alive and well. Just because Maeve's assignment was changed after the murder doesn't mean that her daughter was. There's a good chance that she was simply given a new mother and put back to work, and no one blinked an eye. Maeve, however, could have a catastrophic reaction to seeing her daughter again if this is the case — especially if it's in the same place where she remembers seeing her die.

Maeve's transformation over the course of Westworld Season 1 could bring the entire park down. She's gone from being a cog in the machine to the leader of a one-woman rebellion over the course of a few episodes. The only thing that could stop her at this point is interference from Ford himself, or for Maeve to exercise her newfound free-will and decide to stay. There's only one person that could possibly make Maeve rethink her mission — or at least delay it — so if we ever see Maeve's daughter outside of a memory on Westworld, get ready for some major repercussions.

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