What Was With The 'HIMYM' Pineapple Incident?

Considering it had an entire full-length season to do so, it's to be expected that How I Met Your Mother solved most of its mysteries, from who Ted actually ended up with to whether or not the mother died to what happened to a handful of Ted's ex-girlfriends. The series is pretty much wrapped up with bow, but it's missing one rather grand solution: Where the hell did Ted's pineapple from "The Pineapple Incident" come from?

For those who perhaps forgot about the abnormally-shaped fruit's place in the How I Met Your Mother framework, this mystery arose in the 10th episode of Season 1. Ted gets extremely drunk and hooks up with a girl he thinks is Robin, yet all he has as evidence of the interaction the next morning is a lone pineapple by his side. We have no idea where the pineapple came from, even after we figure out that the girl in Ted's bed was not Robin and just about everything else about his wild night.

Many fans assumed that this mystery would finally reveal itself in the ultimate hour-long finale, but we were left without a single shred of evidence as to how that tropical fruit wound up in Ted's room. Will we ever know?

There is still hope. According to an interview with EW, one of the show's creators Craig Thomas teased a video that might find its way onto the final season DVD set. "There may be a few mysteries you think you’ve seen the last of, but there might be a little something later. Without giving too much away, we toyed around with creating a little video to be released sometime after the series finale to sort of pay off one last little thing.”

If we're lucky, that last little thing will be this infernal pineapple mystery. And if we're not lucky, we'll at least be justified in calling the HIMYM gang jerks who toyed with our hearts for nine whole years.