What Is #AnythingButTARGET? This Movement Might Have Just Backfired

With the biggest shopping day of the year upon us, there's been a lot of talk about where to shop. Not only how great the deals are, but also which companies to support and which to skip. You might have noticed that the hashtag #AnywhereButTARGET has been floating around just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What does it mean? Well, this campaign is trying to get shoppers to avoid the store, but it might have just backfired.

The social and political climate this year has made a huge effect of Black Friday this year. Pantagonia is donation 100 percent of sales to grassroots organizations and other brands are giving back a portion of their proceeds as well. But the #AnywhereButTARGET campaign is a little different.

According to theAnywhereButTARGET site, the campaign was created by 2ndvote — the conservative watchdog for corporate advocacy. They're urging shoppers to skip Target this holiday season because of the company's "liberal agenda", according to their YouTube video.

The organization states in their video that Target's "radical politics" of un-gendered aisles and bathroom policies are the reason behind their stance. 2ndvote is hoping to stop people from shopping a the chain for not just Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but all of the holiday season.

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

So far there has been a lot of #AnywhereButTARGET talk on Twitter, but not in the way that 2ndvote hoped for. Instead of boycotting Target, people are saying that they will do even more holiday shopping there. Some are even thanking the organization for giving them a reason to shop there. Here's are some of the most common responses to the hashtag.

Some people can't wait to shop their more.

The name-calling has begun.

It even created new holiday shopping inspiration.

People are even going out of there way to shop at Target.

Not exactly what 2ndvote was going for.

#AlwaysTarget is now going around social media as well.

Radical politics, showing kindness. Potato, potahto.

This is what most of the tweet looks like when scrolling through the hashtag. It doesn't seem like Target has anything to worry about this holiday season.