Gypsy Reveals ‘Gilmore Girls’ Snack Secrets

by Amy Mackelden

One of the things that makes Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life so great is the enthusiasm with which the cast and crew have approached the revival. Bustle TV Editor Samantha Rullo recently spoke to Rose Abdoo about her character Gypsy, and the actress revealed several behind-the-scenes Gilmore Girls facts. Abdoo was incredibly excited about returning to Stars Hollow, and her focus naturally seemed to gravitate towards the subject of food. Abdoo said, "This isn't giving anything away about the show, but Netflix— I'll give them a little shout out right now — the snacks". And as all Gilmore Girls fans know, the series revolves around the snacks.

There's an unofficial Gilmore Girls cookbook, and fans flocked to Luke's Diner pop-up stores back in October, which Netflix organized to promote the reboot. According to Abdoo, the snacks were just as important to the cast as they are to the show's characters and the audience at home. For instance, Abdoo told Bustle, at "the revival table, there was a bowl of pop tarts, a giant cake, things with Twizzlers, everything you ever saw Rory and Lorelai eat was there, and I was the only one eating." We are all extremely envious right now.

It's great to hear that the Netflix set of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life was equipped with all of the iconic snacks that Lorelai and Rory love so much, but the more that Abdoo described the snack situation on set, the more amazing it sounded. The actress continued,

"There was a snack garage and a snack truck. So, we called one the snack shack and the snack hole. One very cute guy [actor Sam Pancake] said, 'Meet me in the snack hole.' I'm like, 'I'm at the snack shack.' There were so many treats."

So. Many. Treats. Which makes sense. After all, what would Gilmore Girls be without copious amounts of unhealthy food? Knowing that the actors helped themselves to snacks during filming is hilarious. It's also incredibly fitting, considering the amount of food mentioned in the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life trailer alone.

Abdoo also gave her own mysterious review of the new episodes to Bustle, and said, "It's chock-full of something for everybody." This is great news for fans, since with only four new episodes coming to Netflix, the series marathon watch is going to be much shorter than usual. Most Gilmore Girls seasons had 22 episodes, so, although Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life consists of four feature-length episodes of 90 minutes each, that's not a lot of airtime comparatively. There's a lot to fit into the Netflix revival, and it sounds as though the cast and crew have made as jam-packed a production as possible for their dedicated fan base. We're all in for a treat when the series streams on Netflix from Nov. 25, 2016.

Additional Reporting By Samantha Rullo

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