The 'Gilmore Girls' Finale Drops A Bombshell

MAJOR, MAJOR GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL SPOILERS AHEAD. Look, I had hoped that the Gilmore Girls revival would have an interesting finale, but I HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE QUITE SO SHOCKING. When those final four words turned out to be "Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant," I didn't quite know what to do with myself other than question literally everything starting with the biggest one of all: Is Logan the father of Rory's baby? And, if he is, will Rory and Logan end up together? As a lifelong Jess and Rory 'shipper these are not questions I ever wanted to consider asking — especially when there's not a strong possibility they will ever be answered unless the series returns AGAIN for another season.

Quite frankly, I am dying on the inside. But, I will put my feelings aside for a moment to try to answer the first burning question, and I'll make the case for each of the baby's father's options. To start: Logan. It's most realistic for the baby to be his. He and Rory were consistently seeing each other and broke up in the "Fall" episode, meaning that the timeline works for their last Life and Death Brigade hurrah to also be the time of conception. It would be pretty unfortunate, though, considering that they parted on good terms and, like, LOGAN IS GETTING MARRIED TO ANOTHER WOMAN.

However, I do think that if Rory was pregnant with his baby Logan would hopefully leave Odette to get back together with Rory. He does seem to love her, even if he didn't seem keen on ditching his family dynasty plan. Or, if he and Rory don't end up together, I would hope he'd at least be a presence in his kid'd life. After growing up with Mitchum for a father, I think Logan would be eager to do better.

Option number two: Dean. They did bump into each other in the grocery store, but that happened mere days before Luke and Lorelai's wedding, so I doubt that Rory would even know if she was pregnant by then if for some reason she and Dean hooked up after their store meeting. Also, that ship sailed a million years ago and Dean's wife is pregnant with their own kid. I don't think he's a viable baby daddy option.

Third scenario: Jess. This is my favorite option. Perhaps the pair hooked up when he visited Luke for a weekend like he did in the "Summer" episode. He did seem awfully wistful as he looked at her in his final scene. Maybe he was thinking of their semi-recent meetup. He was quick to tell Luke he was definitely over her, but he also seemed like he was lying. The only issue, though, is it seemed much more like he had unresolved feelings that she did — that makes me think he wanted to get together with her but that they didn't. Sigh.

Fourth option: Paul. I mean, I would hope not considering Rory was always forgetting he even existed, but it is possible since they were dating up until that final scene. But, let's hope their forever conflicting schedules meant they hadn't gone at it in awhile. Rory doesn't need to have a baby with a man she can't remember she's dating.

And, option number five: She's a surrogate. For half a second Rory joked that she should become a surrogate since she didn't seem to have any other career options working out. Paris is a big fancy surrogacy center owner, so Rory has an in. Maybe she gave it a try before the whole book thing panned out and now she's along for the ride. But, as much as I would love that as it would mean she's not having a baby with a soon-to-be married ex, it's most likely that Logan is the father of her child. But, I'm not sure we'll ever find out for sure unless the series returns. I guess I'll just have to pretend it's Jess' baby unless I get evidence otherwise.

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