Paris & Doyle In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Are Exactly The Way You Remember Them, With One Upsetting Difference

Even if you've only seen one episode of the Gilmore Girls revival so far, you already know that Paris is the highlight of the series. You hear her before you see her, and from the soundbite alone, it's clear that not much has changed. However, there is one major thing that has changed and though it leads to some excellent scenes, it's a bit heartbreaking. Spoilers for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life ahead. Paris and Doyle are getting divorced in the Gilmore Girls revival, we learn in "Winter," and while it may not be too surprising, it's certainly heartbreaking. If any two people were made for each other, it was these two, and ironically enough, their big fight in the second episode, "Spring," only proves that more.

In the two episodes Paris is featured in, we learn a lot about what she's been up to in the past nine years. She owns a fertility clinic that also offers legal services (because she's a doctor and lawyer), has become an expert on architecture, lives in a five-floor townhouse in New York City, and has two children with Doyle. They're getting divorced because Doyle has become a screenwriter and therefore become insufferable in Paris' eyes, which is hilarious, as the actor who plays him, Danny Strong, has become an esteemed screenwriter since Gilmore Girls ended.


Even though they're breaking up, we still get to see Paris and Doyle interact in the revival when he drops their kids off and they have a heated argument about who's going to give the kids dinner. Everything about their interaction feels true to both characters and is reminiscent of the many arguments they had as editors of the Yale Daily News, and that gives me hope that they'll work things out. Paris confesses to that she misses Doyle and later even asks Rory if she's having an affair with him after learning that the two exchange occasional emails.

Paris and Doyle are both extremely stubborn and passionate, but that just may be what brings them back together again. There seem to be some feelings lingering there, so until the divorce if finalized, I'm not giving up hope that they eventually found a way to turn that frenzied anger into frenzied love, just like they did time and time again on the original Gilmore Girls.

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