The 'Hamilton' Ref In 'Gilmore Girls' Is Perfect

You didn't think the Gilmore Girls revival was going to miss a chance to make the #1 pop culture reference of 2016, did you? There are some Gilmore Girls spoilers ahead, but only minor ones. Of course, the Stars Hollow musical in the Gilmore Girls revival had Hamilton references and a rapping character for seemingly no reason. Why am I even surprised?

This wasn't the only Hamilton reference in the episode. Rory toasted her mother by saying "let's have another round tonight" in the Gazette newsroom. Then, they had a whole discussion of the Hamilton- style rapping during Lorelai's notes session. She called it derivative, which it was, and hilariously so.

The rap, which contextually we should remember was written by Taylor Doose in the fictional world of Gilmore Girls, went a little something like this:

"Yo yo yo, not so fast! Let me tell you what I'm talkin' about. Ay yo look I'm rapping. Just like Hamilton, on Broadway. This is an odd way to tell the town's story, depict the town's glory, and get you to follow me to Star's Hollow, see? Magnetic, yo, I'm just like Magneto. Last night I held a meeting underneath the town gazebo. We had sandwiches and talked all night, and at the end we all voted to strike, strike!"

I have to say, that X-Men reference is actually pretty good. Later, they commented on the rapping within the context of the play. "Yeah," rapped the performer, "Lin-Manuel had to deal with this. Give it time, just trust, your ears will adjust."

It should be noted that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and the IRL Stars Hollow: The Musical creator Jeanine Tesori (who also wrote the music for Fun Home, Caroline or Change, Violet and Thoroughly Modern Millie) are friends. Miranda is very fond of rhyming with her last name, so this all seems to be in good fun. I'm sure he'll laugh along at Gilmore Girls' Hamilton jokes, just like all of us.

Image: Netflix