11 Annoying Comments That Every 'Real Housewives' Fan Hates To Hear

Regardless of political affiliation, gender, or overall life values, the day America reaches true peace and oasis is the day people stop lying to themselves and each other about their love for reality TV. Namely, The Real Housewives. If Jennifer Lawrence can do it, so can everyone else. The Bravo franchise continuously gets heat as does its creator Andy Cohen, and of course, the stars of the series. It's 2016, and people hate on these shows, dwelling on the negative aspects of them because what else is there to do? But as mastermind Cohen says, "The internet is for haters." And fans just have to remember that when people give them crap for thoroughly enjoying these shows, as mindless as they may be.

TV snobs, or people with little sense of humor, probably take your enjoyment of the Real Housewives a little too seriously. They may look down on you and make flippant remarks about the drama and how it's all just a bunch of garbage TV. Meanwhile, you've invested about a decade of your life into it. You're attached, and I don't blame you. So when people do write the show and/or your love of it off as silly or pointless, it's no wonder you're sitting there annoyed AF. If the below comments about RH totally grind your gears, you're not alone.

1. "I can't stand the housewives."

Oh, so you know them personally? Interesting. If you know them so well, what exactly bothers you about them? More importantly, why do you watch or follow them on social media? *SMH*

2. "There's no plot."

Did I say I came here for a high-quality, thought-provoking work of cinematic perfection? No, I came to drink my merlot while being undoubtedly entertained and forget about the dreadful real world. Now let me live already.

3. "It's so petty."

People complain that the franchise pits women against each other. This just in: It's not totally real. If these women play scenarios up while on their hustle and getting the network TV paycheck, I respect that. And this brings me to my next point...

4. "It's so fake."

Knowing that the shows are manipulated and maybe even scripted is half the fun. It's amazing watching what these women will do as fans are let in on this little secret. Again, they're getting a paycheck and I'm thoroughly entertained. It's a win-win.

5. "They have no lives."

Last time I checked, being hella rich and getting paid the big bucks to get in a few squabbles while dressed in designer clothes and jewels is a charmed life. Not to mention, most cast members are hard-working entrepreneurs, wives, and moms. Don't hate them 'cause you ain't them.

6. "It's too much drama."

Excuse me, what? There's no such thing as too much drama when it comes to reality television. As Cady Heron says, "The limit does not exist."

7. "It's just a ripoff of Desperate Housewives."

Yes, DH was iconic, and maybe RH was inspired by its gloriousness to some extent. But there's room for everyone and the two can coincide in a world of shameless drama and desperate acts of boredom.

8. "They're not even famous."

Don't get it twisted, they never said they were. Plus, there are stars like the Kardashians who became famous because of reality TV. Just saying.

9. "They have no talent."

Again, did they say they did? This isn't The Voice, people. Plus, they have the lady balls to get on national TV and be totally savage, goofy, and at times, vulnerable. Props.

10. "They're gold diggers."

How are they gold diggers if they're out here making their own paper, though?

11. "Why do you watch that show?"

Alas, the most insulting comment of them all. Please refrain from thrusting your judgement upon my peak mode of escapism. No one is asking you to watch, so again, please let me enjoy some wine throwing and weave pulling in peace.

I don't know about you but I feel a lot better. Here's to 10 years of annoying and unwarranted RH comments and many more to come. Cheers.

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